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Sunday, December 16, 2012


I did not see any of it other than this haunting photo of how sad and worn our president looks.

Gun control is just a small small part.

If our response to mental illness does not change, then the problem will not particularly change.
This is an account by a mother of a son who could be another name in the news someday http://thebluereview.org/i-am-adam-lanzas-mother/
Hearing her description of her son's life and its effect on his world illustrates that the mental illness is the evil, not its sufferer.

Unfortunately I missed the service but I tuned in in time to see Anderson Cooper read the names and descriptions of each of the children and I cried through most of it. It was touching to see Anderson so emotional as well. What a terrible tragedy, my heart goes out to each and every resident of that town.

corky that hebrew prayer sung by that rabbi was absolutely the most beautiful thing ive heard in a very long time. evocative & moving..im glad i recorded the whole thing so i can listen to that again

I was in tears right from the beginning with the powerful emotional Hebrew hymn right to the end as President Obama read each child's name. I am still crying. And you know Mary Ann I have been thinking so much about you and your recent experiences. I am 100% behind our president. This is not acceptable! xoxoxo

I saw all of it and was moved to tears by President Obama's speech tonight. I thought it was so personal, as if he was speaking more as a parent than as the president. I was surprised to see the grief and premature aging in his face. What a burden to give a speech like that; to honor and name each of the deceased to the grieving families. I thought his words conveyed the enormous empathy he had for the devastated people of Newtown. I've often thought, that he must question himself daily about his seemingly conflicting ambitions - being a great leader and being a great father to his two daughters. With all the racism and hate flung at him daily, ever present death threats, etc., it must be a constant worry to keep them from pain and harm. Which, as he acknowledged in the speech, is impossible for any parent to do. I am so thankful for Obama's 8 year presidency. I wish I could tell him how grateful I am for his statesmanship, his intelligence, his genuineness and his humanity. I don't agree with all of his decisions and policies but overall, I feel that he is pulling us out of the dark ages of the Bush years. (If the majority in Congress would stop being so stuck in the mud, Obama would't have to pull so hard.)

I was encouraged by the determination in his voice for change. I hope, perhaps naively, that gun control will be on the horizon. I believe that if the founding fathers could have foreseen the devastation and unspeakable tragedy that the "right to bear arms" brought, by the 21st century, they never would have included this amendment in the constitution. The insidious evil of our "gun society", including the enormous profits from the manufacture and sale, legal & illegal, of arms, has brought an unforgivable disgrace to this country. There is a constant, permanent hovering of violence and death over our homes, street corners, highways, movie theaters, shopping malls, businesses, post offices & government buildings, political rallies & public forums, universities, high schools and, yes, primary elementary schools. I have travelled to many countries over the years and, as an American, I am usually asked by people of the places I visit, 'How is it, that Americans have so many guns? It is a very violent country.' I'm often asked if I feel safe living in Chicago. In my travels, the 2 things people are most often appalled by, in the U.S., are the amount of guns we have and the death penalty. I have no satisfying explanation to give them. They are, however, rejoicing, wherever I go, that Obama has been reelected. In stricken times like these, this sustains me, too.

That was very good to be with.
I had made a post, 'Simultaneous Realities', on ts, moments before I saw your alert. Synchro Nicety.
Blessya, and wishing you Comfort too,
and easy travel

Thank you Angel.

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