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Monday, December 03, 2012


What a gorgeous place to live and prosper! How delightful! I may have to give up my Baileys for a bit of wine perhaps? I just found Baileys candy! Candy I tell you, candy!

Aaaah, a picture postcard life! Lovely!

Pure loveliness Mary Ann, what a beautiful post!

Yes Vanessa Tractor rides with nina (maybe not driving) are a high point of harvesting, other than the barbacues, the picnics, the wine at breakfast... We'll save you a spot on the harvesting team. All are welcome - there's a little bed n breakfast in the village :)

What a beautiful page! I hope your friends are able to bring their wine to the U.S. - Do they have an extra bed to rent out? I'd love to look out the windows and see all that potential wine out there! We love and drink wine almost daily, but aren't connoisseurs at choosing, it's just hit and miss.

catherine - i used photoshop cs5 for the layouts...

So quaint and beautiful! When can I move in?

Lovely girls... Sadly enough I am not a wine drinker, but I am interested in how you layouted those pictures. Any particular app?

Ha! I think I see some on-site grape stomping in your future, MAM.

Just 10 days to LeaveEve, a most significant holiday in your little universe????

What a great post. Also enjoyed your September posting of travel jounals!

VIVE LA FRANCE! Thank you life for friends and wine and for sun-kissed rolling lush hills and for creativity that manifests itself in so many different ways! Can't wait to go. I hope Nina will drive me around in her tractor.

Sister!!!! This is a fabulous glimpse. Do you think they want us to come and take over the operation for a few months while they go on vacation? Did you ask?

Mary Ann --

I just talked with Dan Garland of Garland Wines here in St. Louis and this is right up his alley. I sent him the link and he is going to check it out. Garland Wines is fairly well-known for bringing in wines (domestic and international) that are difficult to find elsewhere. (He tried very hard not to laugh at my French...)

I happen to have a friend whose daughter owns a wine and cheese shop. I'll send her the link!

WOW this is so cool Mary Ann. Loved all the pics and the story. Thanks for sharing. Their website is awesome and just a fun place to spend time; wine or no wine but of course, what would life be without wine? Which reminds me, I need to stock up before we leave for Venice. I'm bringin' wine along for the ride.

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