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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


You gotta buy the red ones!! Toss comfort and practical and sensible out the window and say hello to Venice in RED!! I was in Venice last September. My favourite city in the world (and I've been to more than 20 different countries). Hope you've got "a thousand days in Venice" on your reading list?
With love from Africa

I vote "A" ... you'll be kicking butt and taking names all over Venice!

B would work with the Frosty Snowman hat, if you're thinking ensemble.

I love " A " they are Fashionable and look comfy!

I'd totally go for the completely impractical, totally not waterproof, yet FABULOUS, red boots! Of course, I'm not going, so that's easy for me to say...

I like A. A little height, some traction, warm lining, neat without being obsessive about it. Then again, if I thought that I could wear those red ones without breaking something (I already did the breaking thing - not fun), then I might have to go for them as a second pair. All that gold embroidery. That bright red. Wonderment for the feet. ( my grandchildren call Christmas decorations "Christmas Wonderment).

ratz, HEAR or READ about the trip

NAH to option C due to "acqua alta"..... you want to be cruising up & down all those hidden canals & alleys taking photos and smelling all the scents.....

but a YES to RED OR ORANGE Wellingtons.....color is always good.....

so exciting to here about your pending trip, which is truly 2+ weeks away, yippee!
Holly in Richmond

Pick C! Pick C! You'll be taking your shoes off to wade in all that water anyways, and would look so dang cool dangling them from your fingers as you waded your way around town.

What if we just paint a or b red? I mean, I LOVE the red but I agree, on old cobblestones...scary! So do they make sensible ones in red?

One of each please!

I say you are going to go with A but I personally would go for B but then you might go for B too.....I say we both like C but neither one of us can walk in those....

It's no secret that wearing C on those cobblestones will result in a nice broken ankle or something. :-) It's no secret that you are going to do the most fun, surprising and clever thing, whatever that turns out to be! Love ya!

Hot Damn on C! But only for sitting and flirting in dark bistros? B for canal schlepping.

I say (B) for day and then ,you re-charge your spirits with , (C), for evening.
Oh My God--I do love the intensity of that red. And the fantasy ....of that height of heel.
Can barely wait to see which you will pick.
Oh , BTW, I like( A,) a lot, also ;))

Peace to you,

I think B are rather dapper and comfy looking. I will have to say if you are walking around Italy in C that you may have in fact lost your mind:)Can't wait for my trip to Venice with you.

My name for red is 'bar" shoes. You sit at the bar in a long, slit skirt, legs crossed. For the true adventuress walker, b is more the journey, leave red to the destination.

I like the kick ass c boots. They look tough, You will be in charge in those. My soul wants the red shoes but I would be on the ground looking up the minute I take one step.

O honey, you HAVE to go for the red ones... After all, as long as you get from your hotel into a gondola you will be fine... Bwwaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhh

I've opened a bookie joint on the corner of the jardin. HA! xoDonna

You enrich so many lives. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Mary Ann...

I'd be road kill walking around in those red suicide shoes... does Keen happen to make good boots? They must. Don't they? So back to the issues but me, I'd be leaning to those jet black babies with the buckles...they look like they belong on someone dangerous, like they mean business and 'don't be messin with me' kind of thing...the kind of shoes that will take a lot of hits if that became needed, the kind of shoes you want while trekkin around Venice. Ya know that opening seen of Saturday Night Fever, he's struttin down the streed, Stayin Alive on his heels, literally...providing a solid, yet comfortable stride. A shoe that can carry you and the rest of us, all tucked in your pockets. ;)

I kinda like being kept in the dark,
from time to time.

My alter-ego votes for C! But I would be on my ass in seconds...

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