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Saturday, November 10, 2012


I am really loving your pages, so bright and colorful and cheerful!! AWEsome!! I am...scratch that...was the only person I knew of who pulled off the road to nap. Long trips, short trips--it doesn't matter. I have something like a combination of narcolepsy and daytime hypersomnolence which I take meds for but haven't found anything that really works for me. Right now I take Vyvanse and caffeine pills to stay awake at work and the 2 hr drive home. Hopefully sister Dottie doesn't have anything like that going on but suddenly I feel less..alone, does that make sense? I am guessing you two had a great time together this weekend!! Sorry, for TMI!!

I woke to 26 degrees and a dog and cat who decided to sleep with me. Actually they were very cute. Spent my day with you on ROTD. Am loving every second and so enjoy your relaxed attitude. I am learning that from you. Have fun with sis if she ever wakes up.!

sister time is sacred time. thank you for your gifts. enjoy a little siesta time ;)

Ahhh. Three days off, warm house, drowsy kitties, paper, scissors and glue. It doesn't get any better than that! (I hope at least one of your fluffy pals will show up in those videos.)

Are you implying that there is anything odd or amusing about stopping to take a nap in the middle of a long drive? I'm confused. Isn't that what is done?

N..A..P...what an awesome word. I love to hunker down on my bed under the down comforter with lots of pillows, tea and honey and my books around me. So cozy...and then I most always nap (unless my 12 yr old daughter runs in and starts doing hand stands and dance moves!). I love that you are having a well deserved respite with your sister and doing art. Enjoy being in your happy place!

Have fun with Dottie! And have a lovely weekend! Raining here in KC and we need it badly. Love the Cut&Paste. :)

:o)! xoDonna

I must be a distant relative,'cause I also take napping very seriously! I conk out on the sofa and my kids jump on me, pour half of their juice cup on me, doodle on me, no matter....when you gotta nap, you gotta nap! Thanks for the cut and paste. Yesterday night was my super perfect evening : kids asleep, husband out, red wine, brand new Moleskine art journal and Bram Stoker's Dracula, my first and forever love. BLISS!!!

LOVE the cut and paste. Yum. Your pages are beaming. Sounds like the very perfect kind of afternoon to me. That is how I had intended on spending this day but alas, DD's had errands that couldn't wait. Hey, and you'll be excited to learn that I met you this AM in my dreams of all things. We had a blast and while we sat over a morning cup of joe, it snowed in LA and proceeded to melt almost immediately. I woke up smiling. Thanks for the coffee, we'll have to do it again. :)

Loving the orla kiely book pages. Isn't sister time the best?! Thank goodness for heat! Feel free to come take some of the 2 foot deep snow we had dumped on us up here! lol Anyways, thanks for the cut & paste! From your pinwheels isnt it? Oh and isnt tomorrow the big reveall?? I can't wait. Have great day with the sister!

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