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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


You are so brave, my dear. Good for you! I wish you 8 months of adventure and fun, peace and quiet and whatever else your heart desires.

Beautifully written - i felt like I was there with you. And that blue drink! Oh, it is the essence of the trip to Venice I think. Can you ask your sister if she could do her mixologist magic and create a special drink for us over there in the departure lounge that looks just like that one? It is a color that I'm smitten with of late. Just smitten, I tell ya!

Namaste from New Delhi! I visited the Gandhi Memorial yesterday and found it very moving. WHEN you visit India you should be sure to see it.

This is truly a most fabulous place! Tomorrow the Pushkar Camel Fair!

Happy belated Thanksgiving. I am grateful to know that just as soon as I return home I will be off to Venice with you.

Poetry, Mary Ann.
I've been away but I'm catching up on all this beauty.
Detest is a word of mine!

You have the cutest sister ever!

im sure i will like it. as long as its not the one of me drinking water like a horse out of that fountain

sister! I just pulled out my travel journal and took a great trip down memory lane :-) since you put up a photo of me - I put up a photo of you. I was going to use the one where you tried on that ridiculous hat, but I thought better of it since I think you have one of me like that too.

You are such a wonderful word smith Mary Ann. I suppose it's why i adore your blog so much as well as your classes; and probably cuz it connects well with my inner workings, all those cogs, wheels, spokes that keeps me hummin along. I could just sit here, watchin the world go by, scenes from lives being well lived, enjoyed, ordinary and charming and with enough excitement to keep it all interesting. I can't wait for the journey to begin.

It looks a little cool there on the Amalfi coast, y'all in sweaters, but still lovely to read about. There is something so wonderful about aqua and white, isn't there? That frosted drink looks quite refreshing, did Carol get the recipe? Looking forward to the separate post and the much awaited news!!

I am happy too for you Mary Ann that you get so much response on your new class. The group is buzzing already. I have started gathering things and collecting photographs from venice. The Amalfi coast is on my to do list, but that might not happen. I hope that December is here quickly for you. Wave when you fly over England, I live down there!

Eagerly awaiting the news...
Are you off this entire week? Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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