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Sunday, November 11, 2012


"Life is a shipwreck, but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats." Voltaire

Ahem.....you may need to waterproof your traveling art journal...

This is going to make for an even more exciting armchair adventure for all of us! You will find a magical gondola to float through the flooding, I am sure of it!

Love it! If there's one thing you can control, it's the weather. Think of what an amazing experience it will be! can't wait!!!

And down here in the south we are still dry as a bone and waiting for a drop of rain! It's like two different countries in more ways than one.

My guess is the vendors will have hip boots for sale!

Happily, we left Venice the day before all this. When we were there I needed to buy rubber boots because of flooding. They put ramps up to walk on too. People are joking in the comments but this is a very real and serious problem and would make it very difficult to walk around and enjoy Venice. I hope the flooding is over with soon.

Yep, saw this on the news. Not sure what options Venice has for fixing this ongoing problem. Water wings needed, for sure. :-/

OOps, I just sent you a link to this article on Facebook, then came to read your blog and you've already heard. Yup, hip waders might be the way to go instead of those cute boots you were recently looking at. Love Jane's comment that it will be easier to get your water sample this way,ain't that the truth. Anchors away!

Stilts! That's what you have to pack. Holy cow, the place looks like it's sinking much faster than predicted. Hope it all dries up by the time you get there.

Pack the water wings . Wear rubber shoes as there will be mud, mud glorious mud nothing quite like it for. Cooling the blood.

You are going to have an incredible adventure in Venice!!

At least the gathering of your artistic vial of local waters will be a bit easier than normal...I feel convinced that the waters will recede and in fact, the sun will be shining when you get there! Weather respects the MAM.

Venice a little wet? No problem! I'd take it any day! xo

Flooding is pretty much a way of life in Venice . We were there in November one year and toured St. Marks in about 3 inches of water-inside! Telling you-take waders.

oh my, those rains were some serious drips & drops to float so many chairs & people....
do you have any teacher friends with waders? I think wellies won't be quite tall enough...
either way, you'll have an awesome experience....maybe a waterproof camera, too?

Be on the lookout for something in the mail. It is not ticking.

On the lemonade from lemon front, your balcony could make a nice dock. Besides I have every faith that you would, in fact, laugh in the face of chaos. That's just the way you roll!

Where are all the gondolas when you need one? I have a blow-up kiddy canoe you can borrow. Maybe you can catch a snorkle tour of St. Marks. At least your accommodation is on the second floor.

Haha, right... Bad news does reach LA... I will hope for claering up for you... Several places in tuscany are being evacuated. Bad weather in the North of Italy!

I have a pair of rubber pants from an ill fated river fishiing expedition you are more than welcomed to.

Yup, pack the swim suit, a few towels, a life preserver, maybe a few inflatables, a couple of oars and I'd say you'd be relatively prepared for anything. What gives with ma nature these days??? I wonder? What burr go under her saddle bag that she has to cry, whine and throw a fit on simple, well meaning folks, just going about their everyday....I just wonder hmmmmmmmm......

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