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Saturday, November 03, 2012


Their cover of Billy Jean is in my opinion one of the best EVER.

That color sketch is the neatest thing I have seen! Wow, love that. I love Nashville too. There, I admit it. I was afraid to watch it because I got hooked on those funny girls on, oh heck what was it called, they were in Texas, OCB, or CCB or something like that? Anyway, they did not renew it after the first season and it had a really good cliff hanger season ending. Anyway, wasn't sure I wanted to invest myself in a new show that might be cancelled again. But I fell for it, hook, line and sinker.....

Great idea! When sketching, I always get overwhelmed by what details to include and what details to ignore. I can see how this would simplify the process.

Can't wait until the next class comes out!

That camera is fantastic. Love what you have done with it. Thanks for the Civil Wars info. I spent Saturday in the studio with it playing over and over. Love it. My friend Martha Lever took your Remains of the Day class and loved it. I just signed up and can't wait to get started.

OK...I can barely point and shoot with my camera phone...but that sketch thingie your fancy camera can do? oh me oh my I WANT IT.

Love the song that duo sings. Haven't watched the series, Nashville. I love the last song on their album, Dancing to the End of Love by Leonard Cohen...love most of what he writes/sings. I'll have to check out their version on iTunes where you can sample the tracks...

Can't wait to hear what you've got up your sleeve...you're teasing us with these little hints.

reticulated screen back?
is this really a photo of something "real" and it converts it to a sketch? really?
OMG, I have to know!
thanks for posting this, as always!

What a fantastic feature! I definitely can't get a new camera - I've rarely used the larger one I bought 2 years ago. It was so easy to use the one I could just through in my purse. Anyway I'm having feature envy.

I love that color sketch feature. Hmm now im wondering do I need to get a new camera?
Hope you are doing well and enjoying this Sunday.
Xxoo, taylor

You found a swell feature on your camera... I am a Nikon shooter also (D300) and will check out if I have that feature. I will be getting the D600 in January, because working without a backup camera is dangerous. Had a family shoot yesterday and managed to put my foot in a hole which made me flying totally flat. I made sure not to land on my camera... ;o))) Glad your saturday was productive on the art level. I find it so utterly healing to sit in my scraproom and lock the world out. I made another book in the ROD series. Making books in production line or so it seems after months of no mojo!

Thanks for reminding me about "Civil Wars" duo I had seen them on Vh1 a while back and really loved their music .......Mmm I think I should buy some of their music!

Just went to check my D90, in case it had that incredible effet. No such luck. Boo. Just gonna keep living vicariously through your camera!

Started watching Nashville when everyone was talking about it here a few weeks ago, love it!! Thanks for that link, I love that song but so far my absolute fave is the one Rayna and Deacon sang (No One Will Ever Love You) - swoon!! Also love that color sketch effect, totally awesome!

I was impressed withwho ever drew that then read the post! LOL. What a fun effect. I LOVE the Civil Wars! will listen to this song after I post this. Thanks for the link.

Wow, so beautiful. How cool is that!

thanks for that link-really liked that song

Love gadgets and gizmos. A new camera, well that is heaven, no matter how far back ya got it...love the effect bunches. Pretty dang yummy i'd say.

Good grief that is one beautiful song.

I, also, like the one Juliette wrote with Deacon, and recorded at her home.

Oh! and the song Rayna sang with Deacon at The Bluebird... wow, chemistry.

I really liked the song Gunnar sang when Scarlett went to see him at that hotel.

Who knew I liked country?

Woooozah! LOVE the effect. Perfect for Venice. Happy you are enjoying your weekend. xoDonna

Wow, this is sooo beautiful. Can you only do this effect in the camera?

WOW! I'm so impressed! What is a reticulated screen back, anyway?
Carol is in the blackout area of NYC. No heat, electricity, hot water & worst of all, for her - no Starbucks! She charges her phone at a local community center.
We are the lucky ones! xoxo,s

That is absolutely fabulous! Enjoy the cool, I see it's going up again this week :) Happy Weekend.

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