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Friday, October 26, 2012


I met someone today who really reminded me of you....she was on work release from jail, probably doesn't blog and ten to one cannot legally step foot in a school....but she had your mischievous smile and rays of shiny hope out of the corners of her eyes. I miss you, friend.

i'm sorry too your friend moved....but in some ways in the weird world that is the digital world, you are a shinning quirky star to many...
may you find a new shinny friend soon

Sorry to hear that your friend moved. i know first hand how difficult it is. my friend recently moved as well. i know you will miss her. but i am sure you will keep in touch.

You put a lump in my throat with this post. Speaking as a friend who moved away from all her friends, I'm sure Natalie feels the same way you do. Skype, phone, e-mail just don't let her slip away!!

love the song! what talent! and so sorry for your ""loss""!!!!! dear friends are very hard to find and I am thankful none of mine have moved away!! hang in there and hoping skype helps!! hang in there with the kids too! read your other post and all I can say I know how you feel and trust me when I say it is no fun and really shouldn't be happening!! hang in there dear!! you are right though most schools would NOT allow this to continue!! something is wrong! xoxo you!!

What an amazing song, that gal's got serious talent. Good friends like that are hard to come by.

as a fellow teacher, i can really appreciate how much it means to have a school friend who "gets it" like you. :-) especially during those faculty meetings - ugh!

Absolutely love that song! Love Chicago, too. Spent some time there. It's hard to have a good friend move away but thank heavens for skype! Thank you for sharing!

Natalie sounds awesome! She may be far away, but it sounds like you will always be friends.

Aw, everyone should have a friend like your little Nancy...

Lucky for me I have you. 8)

Loved the story, laughed out loud at the baseball part and also thinking that good and dear friends are like rare birds, they grace our lives with their beauty, songs, and just the right amount of humor to bring in the sunshine and then they fly away...to share their gifts someplace else. She'll figure out skype just to save her hiney...I know I would, VBG!!!!!!! I'm sad to hear you are loosing a good buddy...I think she's someone I'd want in my corner too.

As someone that grew up in Wisconsin (not all that far from Chicago) all I can say is Natalie picked entirely the wrong time of year to make this move. Winter will prove an exceptionally rude surprise.

So true - friends like that just don't come around that often. And it seems lately you could have used a friend like that right there with you... so kick her skinny little arse anyway for moving away on you!

Thanks so much for sharing your friend's song with us. She's fabulous. I'm sorry she's moving so far away from you. I hope you are able to Skype with her real soon.

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