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Saturday, October 13, 2012


wonderful photos of your wonderful paper stuff.

All of your papers and ephemera look so yummy that I just want them but, of course, wouldn't be able to do so very much with them. Perhaps i need to take one of your classes????

joan i got my labels at a STAPLES store

Where did you get the Martha Stewart labels? In store or online?

{{ love this, photo & all!

i am suffering in the best way--->
as i have a Huge Crush
on martha's red labels!!

CRUSH !! }}

That's me too. A person of opposites. LOVE being home but always dreaming of being away. Love watching you plan your new class and every trip you take. I can relate...I do the same kind of planning. Makes me feel good that there's some one else who does those things -everyone else I know just takes tours-and I love the planning. Thanks for sharing.

Great vintage shot of St. Marks square. I could sit there forever and watch the world go by. You may sit down for a cup of coffee and just never get up. I, of course, would come to coax you home, sit down with you, and there we would be - people watching for the rest of our lives. Love flying at night. We had a small plane, Cessna Hawk XP. Being 'talked down' by the tower into a new city at night - totally awesome. Used to fly in the Great White North (north of 60) at night where there was miles and miles of nothing but blackness and the security of the GPS. Ah, good memories, Mary Ann. The little things of life, those small appreciations, like now - it's 4:45 am and some idiot has turned their stereo up to max one street over. Enjoyed your post - want some MS labels now. xoDonna

Sweet dreams Miss Moss, sweet precious dreams!

When exactly is your trip to Venezia, La Serenissima? I'm so looking forward to it, experiencing it through your eyes. Reading your post I just thought of the time I flew OVER Los Angeles, but not into or out of Los Angeles, on a flight from Albuquerque to San Jose. The L.A. basin at night from a plane is unbelievable, it is unimaginably huge. I dare say there isn't another place like it flying over.

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