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Thursday, October 18, 2012


Loved, loved, loved that video! So fun and took my mind off a bunch of not so pleasant stuff for awhile. Glad your "wild child" is gone. Not a teacher but been there in a volunteer setting and was so overwhelmed and actually, frightened.

Amen to at least a little calmness among it all.

Mary Ann, I have confidence that you and the chili peppers will be able to work things out now that Mr. ODD has been transferred. As we say in the south, bless his heart, I hope things work out better for him in his new class and I know that you and the remaining monkeys along with the peppers can now draw a deep breath and get on with things. I think I can feel your mood lift from here. That big sigh of relief... yep, the leaves in the trees just trembled. I am smiling for you. Blessings.

Not a teacher, but as a student I know the absolute pain of a destructive student... they're bad at 7... holy moley... just be thankful you don't teach middle school (luckily, Mr. Vogel would ship them out as a last resort, if only he would have gotten rid of Mrs. Jorda before he retired).

I, also, love peeking into the lives of days gone by. If I wasn't so manly I would squeal with delight, but at last I am just too masculine for such words.

Yeah for you! I'm a principal at a school in South Central LA and we have at least 3 of those kids running around the school holding us all hostage and making me wonder why I wanted this job in the first place!

love the video... I liked # 43 for some reason. and then in #44, what an awesome backdrop! did you catch that male nude on the right? I'm pretty sure you did! and have a lovely relaxing weekend dear...

Thank you for sharing that! I loved it. I had so many favorites! Here are a few of mine 5, 8, 13, 23, 29, 50, 61 because he was dancing with a doxie!!, and 63 I loved the painting behind him and the furniture. : )

when i used to substitute I learned pretty fast how ONE person could totally change the dynamics in a room. It was a pretty amazing revelation back then~I know you are all happier for that

Glad to hear that you got the worst kid gone now. It is amazing how much must be endured before change happens sometimes. Bless you for being willing to be a teacher.
Aloha, Kate

have been following along for a while and sorry I didn't post sooner, but yes I know exactly how it is having been in an entire emotionally disturbed classroom for a year and a half (had to switch!) as a teachers aide and I know how hard it is esp if they are mainstreamed, where in this case we were all in one room all the time except for specials (art, gym, library etc but had to actually leave our building in order to do that trust me not always a fun time!!!!!) this is so much better for the child to be where they need to be and way better for you truly I know!!hope the others will now calm down a bit! I work with special needs children every day but mainly MH, so nothing major there!! enjoy your weekend dear you so deserve it!! happy to just be the aide and not the teacher trust me!! you are a saint dear and I have known that for a long time!! xoxo

Oh you young people in your loud rock music! Bring back my Lawrence Welk! Ah one and a twooo....

Number 80 is the best. No doubt about it. #80! Love that background. Where is it?

Number 80 is the best. No doubt about it. #80! Love that background. Where is it?

Thanks for sharing that video, I have already shared it on twitter and facebook. I liked the YEAH shirt he had on in 48 so much that I had to track it down and buy it. FYI here it is: http://www.newcollegebeat.com/shoppe.html
Also, I can sympathize on the classroom issue. I used to hold an aide position of running the study halls for middle school. Kids that age are 110% about socializing and without a subject to teach and keep their attention it was almost impossible to keep them focused on doing their homework. All it took was one unruly kid in the room to cause the whole class to lose control. I can only imagine how difficult it must be when you actually have lessons and things that NEED to be done when you have a student that knows they have the power to take all that away.

Here's an idea. I'll buy you the jacket and you can incorporate the dance moves into your next on-line class!! I'm so glad it's Friday. You need to rest...after all that dancing. What a great way to keep in shape. Maybe you could incorporate this into your day job and wear out all the little ankle biters :) Have a great and creative weekend. Bacon donuts??? Just thinking of things that go with Grey Goose! :)

Thanks for the video - I love that guy! I picked up some new dance moves to delight my family with tonight.

That golden vest would really look good on you. You could take it to Venice with you!
I feel a bit sad for the kid although I do understand where you are coming from. And I do see that it is for the good of the whole class. But I still feel a bit sad for the kid in question... Because he would have benefitted from being with you longer I am sure! One less monkey to monkey around! ;o))

Four Words:
Number Fifteen Cat Shirt

bless you for being a teacher. I will remember forever the special teachers in my early life that gave me hope and positive encouragement. You are one in a million missy.

Ha! Did you see what the dancer guy wrote on his Vimeo page? It seems interesting and possibly optimistic that you grouped this joyful dancer with your troubled student. I'm holding a place in my heart for the little boy where he can feel the joy and safety that the dancer conveys. Anything is possible, right? Good luck little troubled soul and CONGRATS to you for having a new gentler, kindlier classroom. I hope the rest of the year is great.

It's time for happy dancing, indeed.

As the parent of a kid whose 1st-grade world was blighted by kids who ought to have been in more appropriate environments, I am glad for the kid who got moved, the other kids, all the adults involved, especially you.

So yeah, this guy should totally have my number....I think we need to be roommates for sure. Because I have at least 100 dance moves to record! In complete agreement: #s 13 and 21 are the best. 61 not too shabby either. Thanks Mary Ann...this is the stuff that gets me out of bed in morning! happy Friday. have a Grey Goose on me. xo

You so need that jacket!!!!

Great news for the kid and for you, and that Friday is coming.

Yeah- excited for you getting finally getting a bit of a classroom break. As a teacher I do know what you're feeling- and I will say, for all you have to down play it with a professional face- it feels WONDERFUL!

Well, that is good news.Hope things will become a bit more peaceful now for you. I have a wonderful niece who has been in education for a few years now and started teaching such special cases. Imagine a whole class of them! It was too much for her and she moved to a regular school. But now she says that the experience of her former much more difficult classes make it possible for her to be really easygoing with her current classes, because whatever happens, she has seen so much worse that it doesn't faze her at all. ;-)
Almost weekend here too, Yippee!

love it! i think the world would be a happier place if we all just DANCED more! my daughter and i were at the college campus where my smallest daughter has her preschool class and we watched a woman do a kind of installation art dance thing in front of an audience of her peers. it was so random but so beautiful! love the negatives in the window, too. i always wonder what will happen to all my treasured family photos when me and my loved ones are long gone. hopefully they will be taped to a window and given a second chance at bringing joy to someone. and bless you for continuing to do one of the most important jobs on earth! glad that your student is able to go to a classroom that can focus on his particular needs.

Better for that child, better for the other kids, better for you. And a whole weekend to let it sink in. YES!

Hallelujah indeed! Love dance videos and esp love dancing to them in front of 3 horrified 20-something kids!

Oh, so fun! That video - I think you and I both have danced in our time to many of those 80's and early 90's vintage tunes, coz we're about the same age. Brings it all back, though, of course, you still got it, my friend.
So I watched 'Casino Royale' this evening, lots of scenes of Venice, and well, you know, the cute Blonde Bond. I'm sure you agree on all these counts. Hurrah hurrah on your problem child being moved on. I hope he gets the help he needs though - enjoy the peace.

Geez, I thought that kid left your classroom in week two. Yikes -- you've been so mild mannered about it all since your first jaw-dropping week. You definitely need a stiff drink to celebrate. Love that video!

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