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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


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Thursday...cleaning my mess... can't believe what I have found...I shall not be needing watercolor pencils or Daniel Smith wc Quinacradone Magenta anytime soon.LOL

so beautiful and cheerful! I love all the color everywhere!

Oh yes! We want to see more of your mess! The messier the better! The mess is the best part! I love all that light coming into the room.

next time i will include a shot of the paper strewn floor and my other desk! youll see! i can make BIG MESSES. i can! i really can!!

there is something sacred about a woman making miracles from her messes. i love it! off i go to sweep up a few of my remains of the day fragments. yay!

Honey, you do not KNOW what a mess is. If it isn't 2 feet deep in "stuff" it is not a mess, just a creative work surface. This looks beautiful.
Aloha, Kate

This is the prettiest mess I've ever seen!! :D

Hi Mary Ann, I'm having a blast taking your class Full Tilt Boogie, only one and a half years late! I initially thought the class had started in June of this year, but I was wrong! Anyhow I wanted to post a comment there but got a message that my session had expired - probably my goofy internet connection, so I just wanted to say that I'm so glad you said what you did about writing in your visual journal, because I've always really disliked and resisted doing it, but somehow felt I should. You have given me permission to just glue and paint! Yay! So much more fun.

What???? THAT'S IT???? YOU'RE MAKING MESSES? Don't you have a legal obligation to tell us MORE????
Grin. On the other hand, should not preach as I have not blogged in a couple of days. Sometimes life gets in the way... It's like I need to give myself permission to NOT blog... ;o)))

just lovely! i'll be along for those rolls of paper directly...... that should help with the mess, right?

If that's a mess, then it's a happy and glorious mess. We should all have them! Glad to see that Mr Sewing Machine has made a reappearance.

Love the rolled wrapping paper. I'd store them that way too, if it weren't for the fact that the kids would IMMEDIATELY use them as pirate swords or telescopes!

This pristine room does not qualify for the term 'mess'. xoDonna

ooooooooooOOOOO!!!! I DO like your messes. I let my eyes wander over your work table, you wall, the paper rolls nesting close by. Makes me want to strap on my XXL wings and zip on over for a visit and a cup o tea or a nighty night cocktail. Please do keep sharing your messes with us, pretty please. :)

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