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Sunday, October 14, 2012


I loved this video Mary Ann! I love listening to the sounds of nature and this video captured those beautiful sounds perfectly. Thanks!

Love Tuscany too and love that 'hidden gems of Europe' article. Copenhagen was in there too - yeaahh

Fabulous end to my stressful day. Many thanks. (((())))) xoDonna

What a video. Loved it. We are off to Turkey in 15 days. Looking forward to the beauty there. Taking my journal and stuff. And my camera will be loaded with sights. I am getting excited. Can you tell?

I felt like I could reach right out and touch the butterflies.... I'm with Jan! A month in Tuscany with artsy women...what a heavenly retreat that would be....

WOW. SOOO much better then Leatal wheapon or one of its sequels. I put it in my special folder for days that I need a bit of rest! Thanks Mary Ann for sharing this. My heart is pitter pattering now...

Thanks for sharing the video. My bucket list includes a month in Tuscany or Provence, leasing a villa with a group of arty women. Cooking, eating, arting. Bliss.

Thank you. Enjoyed the video and the NYT article. FABulous finds.

Thanks for sharing the video.....just love nature sounds!

Dear Mary Ann,
Have a CD suggestion I think you will love. A Summer's Lease from book by John Mortimer. It was made into
A wonderful movie starring Susan Fleetwood and always worthy to watch, Sir John Gielgud. It's a British production
Made for Masterpiece theatre, I believe in the early 90's. You can rent it or find it on Amazon.
a British family rent a villa in Tuscany for a month. charming story, excellent acting, lots of beautiful Italian scenery.
Susan Fleetwood is disarming and I always love John Gielgud. Please give it a try, know you'll like it.

Mary Ann...here's the skinny on that special place I posted about in an earlier comment: San Giorgio Maggiore, located across the lagoon from St. Mark's. From my travel journal: go to the San Zaccario-Jolanda vaparetto stop and take the boat (#82) to the island. You can see it clearly from St. Mark's - it has a bell tower too. Go right into the church by 8 am - the monks sit in the wooden choir loft right behind the altar. When I went, a man doing the gardening led me right to the choir loft. It was me, 6 monks and a German tourist. I actually sang with them! From a Latin missal. I don't sing well, and I sure don't know Latin, but they didn't seem to mind at all. I stayed for the mass, just me the 6 monks and a reader. Afterwards, as I was admiring the Tintoretto on the altar, one of the monks asked me in for cappucino and breakfast cookies. Don't you just love the sound of breakfast cookies? Anyway, there was the German tourist again (he was staying in their pensionne). When I asked why he didn't stay for mass, he explained he was Jewish but loved staying with the monks and participating in the Gregorian Chant (something he had done several times). I think one of the wonderful things about traveling solo is opening up ourselves to new experiences and wandering in to these unbelievable situations.

beautiful! who knew insects made so much noise? i'm looking forward to another trip with you.

Loved the sounds, had to close my eyes, because my dim-witted brain couldn't handle the abrupt transitions.

Poor praying mantis.

Gorgeous video to begin the day with, as always thanks for thinking of us. Sharing is a good thing and I find it endearing knowing others will stop by too, visit, watch the video, read the article and collectively wish that we were there, walking the paths, hearing the sounds, finding enjoyment in bees heavy laden with pollen, buzzing off to the hive...we are all like the bees in the sunflower, dropping in to fill our day with a little bit of 'honey' and all gathered round your virtual table. I can't think of anything that sounds quite as sweet as that.

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