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Friday, October 05, 2012


Brave Girl=Precious! :D

Girls saving pepol from volcanoes just GIVE ME HOPE IN THIS WORLD!!!!! Love it! Thanks for sharing that with us :)

Hi Mary Ann, I just signed up for Full Tilt Boogie.
Better late than never, I guess. I don't know if I missed it or dismissed it, but I found a link to it in one of your reader's blogs. Of course now I expect you to come down here to the heel of the boot to give me some private tutoring, you know?

That Venice Travel Journal class are going to be awesome - I´m sure of it.
Can´t wait.
xx Tina
ps: found a notice in a newspaper over her about Cavling being the first danish journalist travelling to the US. it´s only a teeny little notice, but it has his picture in it. cut it out for you - let me know if you would like to have it for your 'Cavling Journal' :-)

OMG! what a brave girl to share her heart with you. she's an artist and a storyteller. TEACH THAT GIRL TO MAKE JOURNALS! lol, she's a natural for an ROD journal. do you still do that with your students? loved seeing their creativity in year's past.

Love that note from your student. She must use the Internet a lot to know about www. addresses!
Aloha, Kate

Love love love!

Kinda melts rhe heart.

love brave girls, love brave girls who open up their little hearts to you even more and love, love, love all of your paper play. YES to an entire weekend spread out for whatever finds it's way into it.

What a great piece of writing! Content, thought, detail, voice, all of it. Wouldn't that be an outstanding shirt design!

How funny that little kiddos include a web address in their drawings these days. Sign of the times. Power to the Pepol.

Super hero girls - gotta love 'em.

ps Ditto Vicky in Michigan's ps

I agree -- if only we could have brave girl keep her creativity intact and not "school" it out of her! She is so lucky to have you as a teacher and someone who is a witness for her. I too am thrilled with the cooler weather here in Southern California. The possibility of drizzles and rain thrill me to no end! Happy Arting!

Hey, Mary Ann..... I'm glad to see you treasure a child's work, too! If only we could keep that child-like way of thinking and drawing! So happy cooler temps have reached you. Right now I am looking out the window and seeing a beautiful sunny fall day but wrapped up in sweatshirt and socks on my feet. And yes, I have pants on, silly!!!!LOL

I can't wait to visit www.cludia'snews.cam! :-)

ps -- I think the truth about the way we treat animals needs to be in front of people, so that they know what is true, and can take steps to alter their purchasing behavior, when the truth is nasty. I think you should mention it any time you like.

Venice????? Venice??????? we will both be in Italy and still we won't meet! Oh well, we used to both be in California and never met live. At least you're getting closer.

Phew, thank god... Back to posts about journals. I suffer when I read about animals suffering, can't get it out of my mind for days in a road. So skipped your last posts. I could appreciate your warning at the beginning of the post. Thanks for that. And thanks for going back to journals and school monkeys. High time for me to jump into a journal again too! You keep inspiring me! Fall is slowing getting here too, in UK... The smell of coffee beans being burned. Your Venice journal will be splendid, no doubt about that!

I love that she has web address for her news! :-)

Your brave girl just made my day! Thanks for sharing her with us!

Your brave girl's missive almost brings tears to my eyes, thank heavens she has someone in her life that SEES her (hopefully more than one someone).

You find the best scrapbook paper! Have a great weekend!

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