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Friday, October 19, 2012


I LOVE the warewolf comment - I laughed out loud. I'm glad you rolled with it. I had a friend in university who told me the story of standing around a KEG and asking ...as the discussion went in an animal extinction direction if UNICORNS were extinct. Silence. Seemed like a realistic animal to her. She had sort of zapped the part of her childhood where the Unicorn was included on the MYTHICAL ANIMAL list. She was not in Miss Moss's class.

Great job...
Greating from México

Sorry, sorry, my mistake. They're not ALL about duct tape. duh.

I suppose everyone else in the western hemisphere knows this, but I was just very surprised to discover that there are 9,540 videos on the youtube monkeyseevideos channel about stuff to do with duct tape! Of course there are many more on other channels.
Boy we are really deprived here in southern Italy, where the only other color I have found besides grey or black is camouflage... probably for the blankety blank hunters...grrrrr.

Miss moss, you are what every mother wants for a teacher, loved to have been in your classroom ( that is after the troubled young man left). Happy pages make a happy heart.

lisa - ha ha ha ha ha the whiskey bottles represent the drinking i did after this 7 year old in my class attacked me yesterday! no kidding. kicking, biting, hitting. just like a rabid dog. scary. he was angry because i didnt draw his name in a random prize drawing i do every other week.
once i threw a peach pit at my sister dotties head and we got into a fight in an elevator. stress from pops being in the hospital. that was nearly 30 years ago. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
whenever i hear the words peach pit i think of it.
but wait. you had the dream not me right? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

I just so want, some day, to HEAR that laugh ...

meanwhile, not sure about the species family of werewolves ... but yesterday, out of nowhere, as my bros and Mom and niece and I were all sitting casually around their livingroom, doing our individual thang, my bro' Chris says, out loud, in all seriousness, "Do wolves eat cheese?"

um, picture YOUR 4-wall ringing laugh, by 3 adults and 1 eleven year old. Answer? 'most definitely, if given the opportunity, who or what DOESN'T eat cheese?!" And my lovely mother added, "I don't know if they EAT it, but I bet they CUT it." repeat braying donkey laughter by all parties.

I love your blog. I love YOU!

I thought they were in the canine family. Just sayin'

Three empty whiskey bottles and a peach pit. hmmmm .. that's a good one to ponder. LOVE your pages today. xo Donna

Oh OH OH...Miss Mary Ann...what an awesome, fun, delightful child...kids say the best stuff in the best way...no two ways about it...Ok, I just saw the dance vid..OMG...too funny. And just gotta say the journal pages are full of fun, so much color, so much to enjoy!!!!!!! You just get it right all the time girl, yes you do indeed!!!!!!

Yes, I think cats ARE in the werewolf family. LOVE that question for teacher. And I know exactly what your laugh out loud sounded like which makes the question even better.

You're gonna think I'm nuts (probably already do, so no loss there), but I had a short dream about you this morning that was so bizarre I just had to share it. I was looking at your blog (as I often do), and you had posted a "still life" photo of three empty whiskey bottles and a peach pit. In my dream, this seemed perfectly natural, of course. I remember thinking, "Man, that Mary Ann is such a good photographer, she can make even junk from the garbage look amazing!"

(No word from my subconscious was forthcoming as to why you would be in possession of three empty whiskey bottles and a peach pit.)

As I cuddle/wrangle cats and kittens here in Toronto too, I am wishing I had been a fly on the wall in that classroom today, sounds like it would have been one heck of an interesting discussion!! Aaooooo!

perhaps it's the OTHER way around?....

meowrrrrrr R!

"Even a man who is pure in heart
and says his prayers by night,
may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms
and the Autumn moon is bright."

from the Wolfman with Lon Chaney Jr. great black and white monster movie, one of my favorites!

Ha! Love the class quote!
My Friday included lots of kitty wrangling and kitty cuddling. They were everywhere today! :)
Have a lovely weekend.

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