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Saturday, October 27, 2012


I love your life.

I would like to know where you come by all this paper stuff! I have a thing for all things library related. One of my all time favorite memories is going to the library and getting my very first library card when I was 7 yrs. old. I can still smell that library, and the vision of carrying my books up to the librarian to check them out, opening each to the front page with the packet holding the card, stamping the due date on it. Oh yes, the start of my love affair with books.

We don't have stores with collections of that kind of ephemera here, not even the antique stores. BooHoo.

No library cards here but I purchased an old metal card catalog and that sucker was really heavy when my SIL and I strained to get it into my house. Later I discovered one drawer was full of cards for the members of a union. They had interesting jobs such as stripper, scalloper, caster and gilder.

Life is good? GOOD, you say? Hell, it's AMAZING, Mary Ann, and I have cleared my calendar for everything that occurs the minute after your new class is available to purchase!

I can't wait for your new class! Waiting.....waiting.....trying to be patient. Hugs.

Fun stuff. Love that circular paper!! Can't wait to see what you are gonna do with it!! BTW, do you know what it is called? It is uber cool!

I became obsessed with having that circular graph paper. I ordered some off ebay just now. Whew... we ALMOST had a meltdown there.... carry on.

We can still be friends now...

Love you!


Can't wait MaryAnn - your classes are my favourite of all time. Hope the school issues stay manageable.

a whole week! Thanks are indeed

Anarchist bees!!! Tee hee hee...that phrase MADE my day!

Oooh! I have a stack of old library cards and packets I've been saving too - can't wait to see what you do with them!

I'm sorry i didn't get a chance to get to the computer in time to leave a comment on your post earlier this week re: job. All I can say is, they don't appreciate you in that school district. I truly hope that things will improve; it's awful that you have to go to such a scary environment. We think you're awesome over here in blogland anyway (I'm sure I can use a 'royal we' there too.)
Poring over the tidbit photos and details - it's like a Christmas advent calendar over here at your blog these days! Weee heeee heee! I love advent calendars - keep it coming please :-)

If you could draw hexagons and have them all come out equal and straight I would have to tell you Good-bye! Thank goodness they are wonky and right. And yes, even through my miserable cold, life is good!!

I'm so excited for your new online class! What supplies should I start collecting? Love the hexagons, I think they're happy the way they are.

I like the wonky beehive, makes for better honey.

I much prefer your anarchic beehive to the alternative. Enjoy today! xo

I am so excited about the class. It's better than waiting for Christmas. The hive is awesome, I think you'd fit right in with those buzzy bee critters. Love the quote too...gotta right that down.

Can't wait to see the class and press the "buy" button. Thanks for the teasers.

And being in education I understand how you count the days off in small increments. Hang in there and live in your art.

You have us on tender hooks Mary Ann. Enjoy your day. xoDonna

Can´t wait for that new class.
Love the photo of your journals and the bee hive is cool.

Love, love, LOVE your last thought. Amen, sister!

OMG I LOVE your anarchist bee hive! It's fabulous! Can't wait to hear more about the class!!! LOVE the Maya Angelou quote too! Happy Sunday!

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