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Sunday, October 21, 2012


Is it possible that the universe put one brain in two seperate entities?

Because I am so with you on everything...
even Nashville, the music is moving, love the story line, and without sounding too much like a creeper, I love how Hayen P. has transformed herself from Heroes.

Hi from Merida - Mexico

Is a Cloudy day here... I love it

I love the tilework and Buddha statue and the aloe plants!

I like your photos. I have first looked at the first page. In a few days I look at my time a bit more. I saw you once added to my list.
Greetings from Germany.

I'm in Nashville on business, and I just totally faked out a friend of mind, I told her I was here because I had checked number 34 off my bucket list by recording a song I had written several years ago, and on a dare, I had submitted it to a contest sponsored by Depends (sorta a Susan Boyle angle) and that I was choosen as a finalist. She swallowed this whale of a tale and all she could say was OMG OMG. So, she thinks I am going to be performing tomorrow for a chance to be crowned Ms. Dependable!!!!


oH.MY.WoRD! Every.single.character. And the addition to Ray is fantabulous. This is the only show in the last 3 years that I have staked my TV claim against all members of my family. Thankfully, the Hub likes it. Of course, it wouldn't matter one dang bit if he didn't cuz Tuesday @ 9 is MINE. ALL MINE.

I am so glad to hear you like this show. Gosh. Fully Awesome.

susie - i totally forgot HOMELAND. it is my absolute favorite. good good good!!!

I'm a big fan of Revenge, NCIS, NCIS, LA, Criminal Minds, Anthony Bourdain's, No Reservations. Can't wait for the game tonight between San Francisco Giants and St. Louis Cardinals to see who will play against the Detroit Tigers in the World Series. It's almost un-American to not watch the World Series.

Hope you get some rain. Wish we'd get more. That way the wild flowers in spring will be spectacular.

Hey, I was totally absorbed by Mr Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore! Thanks for mentioning it on Friday? Or Thursday?
I would never ever have found this book on my own....love to be swept up in a book, even in I-pad format!

I love Point of Interest and can't wait for Touch to return. And Downton Abbey. I am a sucker for Big Bang Theory on the comedy front.

Those tomatoes look fab. Barefoot Contessa is awesome.

I forgot Glee, The Glee project, Housewives of Orange County, and next week on BBC Richard Dawkins...

I'm watching Homeland - chilling...
I am watching America's Next Top Model - because I love to watch group dynamics and plenty of that... and I need my share of meaning less tv now and then...
I watch How the West was Lost - the story of the Indians in The states and how they always got the short stick...
I watch Raising Hope - good old fashioned humor
Loved, loved, loved Steel Magnolias... A bit dated now, but what great actrices! All of them. And don't forget the role of Dad... grin

Every time I turn on Parenthood and see Ray I still do a doubletake. He is fabulously out of his box from his sitcom. I hope he gets some acknowlegement for his good acting chops. And when that young shy blonde waitress opened her mouth to sing on Nashville, I was mesmerized. I'm enjoying the show b/c it's a glimpse into another American culture quite different from that in the Boston area! And Modern Family of course is just ingeneous in my opinion. I watched "The Middle" with my teenage son last week and got such a kick out of Brooke Shields. I still picture her in her Calvins or on the Bob Hope specials. Or more recently in her Lazy Boy ads. If Bob could see her now!!! She has wound her way thru that crazy industry quite well. I too love the hibernating season with walks in the snow in between my indoor projects. Gotta run...painting the living room! Have a better week than last, MA.

Nashville IS actually pretty good. The music is great. I think T Bone Burnett is involved in some way?

Waiting to get season one of AHS from Netflix before I start watching 2. How about 666 Park Avenue or Elementary and Nashville too.

Parenthood, Grey's Anatomy, Glee, Alphas, Warehouse 13 and The Thick of It (which has the most original, inventive and clever swearing encountered). All on Hulu Plus. And others depending on my squishiness quotient. Romano again proves how skillful good comics are at drama.

No Parenthood or AHS for me but I'm hooked on Call the Midwife, Alphas and Treme. Mostly I watch them On Demand though or on the iPad. You went to SF this weekend too? well Point Reyes? Tres cool trip.

Adore Ray Romano's character.

enjoying the peeks over the fence, rain is supposed to be coming over the next few days...hoping it does, we need the dust to settle a bit...DD is hooked on Nashville, we both are diggin the creepy factor of 666, DH and I are soooooo hooked on Homeland...gotta say I ADORE that purple door. Have an awesome week Miss Moss. Enjoy the rain!

Parenthood is one of my favorites and I love Ray Romano's character...I hope he ends up with Sarah! And Nashville is growing on me. I like Connie Britton from Friday Night Lights.

No rain up here but definitely a little cooler and more fall-like.

I love Ray Romano on Parenthood. Didn't think I would but he's really good. And I haven't told a soul yet but I'm kind of hooked on Nashville.

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