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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I travel with you anyway when you share your posts - I love it! In a class too? You are truly generous. I can't wait!!!! yahoo

I felt disappointed cause I thought you had to buy a real ticket and travel with you and I can't do that. But from home? LUV TOO!

I can't wait for the new class

It sounds delicious!

I am absolutely over the moon that you are teaching a new class!!! It sounds amazing and I can't wait for it!

Keep Yapping! Please. I have always wanted to go to Italy - and Venice. I am so excited. You are amazing and this trip is going to be wonderful for us all. I cannot wait!

You go right ahead and blow that trombone and I'll play some sort of back-up instrument! woohoo! xo

I am SO READY for this Ticket to Venice treat. I can not wait! (And I have an upcoming trip of my own, to the Pushkar Camel Fair in Rajasthan....) I am so excited about this new experience from you, MA, that I am even looking forward to your teasers, and that is very unlike me. Usually you'd get the sort of response you'd get from baiting a bear....growls and claws...and maybe even teeth. You seem to have tamed me.

I want to think that just once, if I took a nap in an upside down superhero pose, I would look as good. But I'd have my tongue lolling out, probably. Love the format of the workshop, Very excited at the prospect of doing a class "live" and not from archives. Keep seeing ROD inspired journals popping up all over the blogesphere (and in my house). SOOO exciting.

I think this is a genius idea!!! You are such a great traveller (my art friends and I talk about how we'd love to travel with you, journal, etc!) and artist! Now a way to finally tag along with you on one of your journeys. I am soooo excited to see how this class works, how to fit it into my life whether or not I have a trip planned. Ultimately when I go on a trip I have lots of loose ends in my journal and extra ephemera. I can't wait to see how you tackle that! Good luck crafting and masterminding this awesomeness!!!!!

Mary Ann, this sounds fabulous. I'll be taking a trip to France in spring so it's perfect timing to begin my travel journal for that trip. I think, my dear, that you could seriously lead a group of your fans to one of your cool destinations ... just saying ...

OOO my, hurry up woman... We want to start that class. Grin. I am so friggin curious. I know this will be another fab class. Count me in already. Can we speed up to december.... We don't need October and November. Wished it was December already. Can you tell I am exited!
Give us a badge so we can spread the word on our blogs! Or do we need to be selfish and keep you all to ourselves? Grin...

I'm in! I'm in! Can't wait!

I knew you would be able to come up with totally unique workshop!! Looking forward to sharing your journey and your creative take on the city Truman Capote said was "like eating an entire box of chocolate liquers in one sitting."

What a fantastic idea!! Love it - and that singing with the monks that Jaevan's posted about here in the comments - that sounds TOO cool. Perhaps an audio postcard that day? ;-) Look at me, already fantasizing about these postcards....counting the days till December!

OK, so you did favor us with some tidbits of information, for which I am happy! Ooohh, can't wait for more.

You must take the vaparetto across the lagoon from St. Mark's to sing Gregorian chants with the monks...at 8 a.m....at the cathedral. It was awesome.... Just me, 6 monks and a German tourist, in the choir loft of this amazing church. I will post details later this week (need to consult my journal) .

Oh man, I can't wait!!

Flat Cadburry just returned from a visit to Needless Markup and has the most fabulous Opera Cape ready for the trip. She asked me to tell you puullease do not wear anything that clashes with Purple, except its complimentary color Orange.

I must recommend to anyone who has not yet take STENCILRY to sign up RIGHT NOW!!

I am so excited about this!! I went to Venice last year and have not yet put my book together. Somehow I'm going to put my book together while living it again through your adventure. And, I'll be doing it upon my return from France. Should be interesting and delicious!

cool beans Mary Ann. I can already tell that this class is going to be really special. And with all these tempting updates, I can hardly contain myself.

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