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Sunday, September 09, 2012


LOVE those colors Lady!
Marianne , with an i and an e

First: oh my that pot pie recipe sounds delish -
Second: I am so distraught that my book recommendation met with a thumbs down from you! (BLAME - now there is some irony, huh?) Conversely, I am so enjoying 11/22/63, which I started after your recommendation in an earlier post. (Almost finished - but the closer I get the more afraid I am of how it will end!)

In conclusion - I owe you.

Damn that sounds good! Woof!

Wow that chicken pot pie looks good. Package me a slice to go, Please. I love your water colour letters. I think I might play with that a little. Bright cheery colours. I need that right now.

Take care.

YUM!! to all of it: the tasty chicken pot pie (homemade!!), a new book, and gorgeous watercolors!! (the colors you used totally do remind me of the late-summer color palette we're seeing now; I know exactly what you mean about that.)

You are on a roll Mary Ann, no matter what lives in your head!!!! Just think of that chicken pot pie as you would an art journal page, little bit of this and a little bit of that and whammo bammo you get a delectable, edible creation. I for one and not the least bit surprised at your kitchen wizardry, not at all.

Great colors on your letters. Classic but fresh! And that is it for today's art review. I hope that your week goes well,the hours at school whiz zing by,the hours at home taking their own sweet time.

How do you keep on getting more and more lovable. You bring the pleasure; yes indeed.

You culinary goddess you! Rock on, that chicken pot pie sounds amazing ... I can almost smell it baking. Love "The Dog Days are Over" by Florence and the Machine. It always makes me think about exercising. One of these days, I might actually do it, too!

"these pre-apocolyptic days" - scary. And thanks for your email. The green bathroom is coming along thanks in part to your enthusiastic encouragement. Homemade chicken pot pie....hmmm...very interesting. (Remember Hogan's Heroes?}

I adore your posts, Mary Ann, and your chicken pot pie made me hungry! I don't know about being put on a leash though. I'm wanting someone to let me off mine!

The colors you used for your letters are beautifully amazing-me likey! A lot. Looks like you had a great weekend. :-)

excellent song to art journal to!

I LOVE your letters! gah

Your chicken pot pie sounds delish.

I've already had dinner but that photo still made my mouth water!!

Mashed potatoes, parmesan cheese, stray watercolor tubbies, cat hair and patio cuttings: now that is what I call a MAM pot pie. And I'll bet it had some tasty little pools eh????

I WANT that recipe in your head for chicken pot pie, I love the idea of parmesan mashed potatoes..., also you have to try the frozen pie crust from Trader Joe's, it is THE BOMB!!

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