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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


wonderful pages - love that you made a hole page of the papers you bought

Your TJ is just fantastic, I too help myself to flowers, sand or soil to add to my journals. I like to have tidbits like that, great , great journal. Thanks for sharing..........2 weeks hmmmmmm , where???? You know you'll share, you can do it!

I'm watching "House Hunters International" as I read this entry, so I am in France right now thanks to HGTV...where will YOU be in December? Pretty please with sugar on top? I am so happy that you have a vacation to look forward to. You always deserve them, and we always love that you share so well.

oh so lovely. this magnifico journal lifts me to a better place. my soul wears a big red smile. what a beautiful place. i wish to stay a bit longer, but laundry calls. nite. nite.

i hope i hope i hope it is Krakow, as I have a splendid wee 4.5 x 6.5 vintage travel guide to that city..............in polish!!! Will send it along if that's the magic place. "Wiadomosci Ogolne" .............whatever that means.

Get off your lazy arse and start taping that travel journal class! No more vacations for you until it is done:) My mantra is going to be "if I make it, I will go." I want to make a Fiji journal -- I have had an outstanding offer for the last five years to visit my BFF but my lazy arse hasn't been kicked hard enough yet. Maybe your new class will do the trick.

Fabulous journal. Those roses literally pop off the page. Another Adventure? I dare not try to get inside your head this time! he he xoDonna

You should give us a hint. I would look strange at the airport with 2 bags, one for warm weather and one for cold. A girl wants to know which way to go. Love your Norway travels.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.
Oh please, Mary Ann, don't torture us...spill the beans, please!

Hey Mary Anne I will be in beautiful Bali for our Christmas school holidays - you should come over for your extra week and enjoy 'the island of the gods' - shall I meet you at the airport?

Hummmmm, narrow streets....legendary city.....I'm already picking out outfits! Can't wait. (and that December-ish travel journal class? All I can say is OH YEAH!)

love you Norway travel journal. When you were in San Francisco did you get an opportunity to visit the
FLAX art store? I was there today and couldn't help but think about you - so many amazing, colorful & delightful papers & other goodies. could you spill the beans about the your next destination soon?

Oh - sigh. Just sigh...I miss Norway, and I haven't even been there. I think it was very special, non?

yes, definitely sit there a while longer... there' no rush...xo

hi monica,

i work on the journal mostly in the country im traveling in, but add photos back at home. this time i saved stuff in the pockets and also a plastic ziplock bag. if i can move my lazy arse {that is napping too much lately} into gear i am planning a long overdue travel journal process class to debut in december.

Can't wait to find out where we're going. Love your Norway journal.

Nope, not wrong to spill the beans. Spill them please so I can plan my 2 week vacation while sitting on my couch.

Where are we going? I have to get prepared..it is always so much fun traveling with you.

I'm in love with your Norway journal. How nice to have a look at Norway with someone else's eyes. If you ever go back to Norway, pleace let me know :D

How about a clue? Love the Norway pages.

red, white and transparency - i am still diggin' these pages! keep on posting them!

You are such a tease:-)

It would be a lot easier if you'd just tell me in advance. Otherwise, I'll just be standing at the airport with my bags packed, waiting for you to post the destination and then rushing to the counter to buy my ticket... ;)

I flippin' love this journal and so need to visit this beautiful and magical and breathtaking place. And, yes, give it up!! Where are you planning to go later this year?

What a tease! Where are we going now, Ms. Moss? I have to say that never once have you made me ask "Are we there yet?" I love how you meander and wander and make me wish I were sipping some of that coffee in that cafe or picking flowers with you.

I am always an admirer, whether you are traveling or making or playing in one of those fabulous visual journals.


LOVE the journal page posts, as always....oohh those VIBRANT REDS.
And those papers....

and yes, please spill the BEANS!!

Oooh, where are we traveling next! I have to jump into your pocket again :) Beth

Since you finish your journals at home how do you organize you memorabilia when you travel or do you take the journal and save stuff in the pockets?

Give us a hint!

ooooh, you lil' devil you, tempting us with more travel plans, full of adventure, lazy days, delightful nights...beans...hmmmmm...tying on my thinking cap... Boston comes to mind but I'm thinking that is way too easy...Brazil???? I'll just plop here till you 'fess up. Lovin the journal pages as always. The colors make me smile on a cloudy and drizzly day here in MN. Quite reminiscent of Norway I'd say.

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