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Monday, September 17, 2012


C'est magnifique!

venice has good paper. and pasta. and masks. and cats. but their maps don't work; you get blissfully lost no matter what.

I love everything about Venice, though have never been there during the floods. Maybe you should pack an inflatable boat - then you could paddle around door to door.

Venice!! Wonderful! it is one of the places i have wanted to visit. i look forward to your posts.

This is probably one of the nicest pages I have seen from you. Simple but extremely eye pleasing and wanting to jump right in and go. I read the article from your link and I know exactly what area you are talking about. The Santa Maria Del Salute is a plague church. Built to thank the Lord for stopping the plague. I believe they had 300.000 victims of the bubonic plague. One of the cemeteries is on the way to the Frari church very close to the Old Jewish Getto. O god, I wished I could go with you... It will be fab.
What a nice use you made from the old card board page...

What. %#^*+=}#%^. Please tell me this isn't happening. You tease us and then you tell us it is secret until December. Oh my gosh I just might have the Big One waiting that long and not even know what I missed out on. Oh Dear Lord let it be December now!!!!!!!!!!!

Good excuse to buy a pair of those pretty rubber boots they seem to have everywhere these days - lucky you!

History lesson today (homeshool 1st & 3rd grade) was about Marco Polo who was from Venice!

Uhm, pretty please put my name on the bottom of the lamp Carol sent to you! I like it with the orange chair. Ph, and you could tuck my name on the back of those orange crocheted curtain panels, too. Greedy wench that I am!

Venice in December sounds muy special. So does another MAM workshop.

I know you'll be taking one (some) of those little antique bottles with you. Boots needed for that.

Lovely little timbre royal there.

You must watch Summertime with Katherine Hepburn.....It one an Academy Award for best picture I believe!!

thanks for the links, i almost died when i read that where you will be staying is where they filmed the movie Summertime! i feel giddy with excitement, do you have any idea how a big of a dream it is for me to go there and yes to all the same places that were in the movie!!!! you are a dream liver, how wonderful it must be to be you, Mary Ann Moss! i just dream, you-DO! sigh....i am so happy for you!

Mary Ann -- I'm going to Venice before Istanbul in late October -- will think of you!

December?! I can't wait that long.

Vanessa that frame and paper are indeed real. Sitting in my scanner right now.

I'm tellin' ya...I may be anticipating this trip as much as you are! I can't wait to glimpse it all. If it can't be ME going to Venice, then it should definitely be YOU because I know you'll let me live vicariously through your lens! Oh how I LOVE being near water...which thankfully I am- but having a backyard pond just somehow doesn't measure up to the canals....
..oh, and I'm just thrilled to look forward to the December reveal of what you're working on...!!
Happy Tuesday- only 3 more days til the weekend, xo

oh my! Is this collage real or virtual? That paper is GORGEOUS!

I'd suggest bringing along some manner of floatation device just in case as I know you will want to be adding some 'venice' water to your vast collection of natural artifacts and whilst rubber boots will come in handy, having floatable inflatable would be a useful back up plan, just saying.... ;)

December! You're keeping it under wraps until December! Not fair...
Rubber and Venice sound like far too much fun - you'll be ready for just about anything. Seriously though - what a great trip this will be, and so nice that you have something wonderful to look forward to. Can't wait to see what kind of journals you conjure up for this one.

Not a chance you would misstep. Not even ... well, maybe just the smallest chance. Watch where you walk. Last year I didn't watch where I walked and broke my foot when I stepped on a pebble and fell off my high -heeled sandals. Two days later I flung myself off my crutches and broke both bones in both wrists. Not fun, but kinda funny. At least my nose had healed from doing a header off my bicycle and ending in a face plant and breaking my nose. three weeks earlier. The nose is actually improved. Just saying that one thing can lead to another so watch where you step!!

Wonderful! Love the postcard!!

Sigh. xoDonna

Don't forget a chain for your sunglasses.

You know.
Just in case while you are concentrating hard on not stepping into a canal they become accidentally dislodged.


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