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Friday, September 21, 2012


What a delightful place you have and to have a view from a studio like that is really cool. The Santa Ana winds sound like the witch is in town around here for sure. I'm in Southern California and those are the days when I've been in bad wild fires so it's a time that I'm on alert. I hope the winds aren't as bad this year as we've had in the past.

We truly have to keep our eyes peeled to see the season change here, but we do have them.

Warm regards,

Don't forget to tie down your plants before the winds start. Love the oaks, they look just right for climbing or sitting under and watching the world swirl by.

I HEART your sweet, lovely corner of the world Mary Ann. Your nest among the trees.

Oh how I do love trees! I love the craggy knarled tree! Happy Saturday!

What a beautiful backyard space you have at Moss Cottage. I have enjoyed seeing all the changes you have made over the years.

Your night blooming cereus look fantastic. Love that perfume when they bloom. magnificent view.

Ahhh... better now! I have missed your postings for the last day or two! I was looking for an TGIF post - so I would know that I am there too!! Happy Weekend!!

You live in such a lovely place!

Lovely view. I am enjoying the idea of the Might Santa Ana winds. Sounds like a change is a coming.

How wonderful for you that you have been able to create this space. It has evolved so beautifully over the years. You deserve it

Your cottage and patio are so beautiful. I can just imagine you chillin' out there
with all that nature has to offer and sippin' on one of your specialty drinks. Heavenly!!!

So cool! Last spring, one of the shuttles flew over our school yard (opposite coast...VA)as well. It was low as it was landing very closely nearby. We felt like we could touch it...what a sight for our kids! All 700+ of them outside to see it!

Do you know the history of Moss Cottage? Just curious, seems like it would be something you'd research. Just sayin'.

Your little haven looks very nice all trimmed up with view enhancement.

Fall seems far away for dwellers in the Intermountain West high desert. Won't see a major cool off until the week before Halloween. I'm SO ready for fall/winter, my favorite seasons here. Don't miss the Santa Ana winds one bit...I used to live in San Diego and do remember them and the fires.

Such a warm and welcoming haven you have made for yourself. Exquisite. xoDonna

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