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Saturday, September 22, 2012


Take me with you.

I did Venice in late November and wore Dansko clogs the whole time. I know they don't fit everyone perfectly but for me they were the perfect Europe shoe. We didn't have rain or snow when we were there so boots may have felt like a bit much for me. How exciting for you!

kathy - theyre all from ZAPPOS dont remember brand...

Needing to know where to get the boots on the right - reeeeaaaaalllllllyyyyyy needing to know :-). Pretty please.........

Cute coat. What brand?

You will look cool as a red cucumber... My favorites are the booties on the right top. You can also buy nice shoes in Venice... I bought two pairs in 2005 and still wear them! My all time favorite shoes: my venice booties...
They do have walking paths on some kind of benches that are put out in the streets in rain season. You still might want to take your boots though.
I bet your Venice book will be to die for!

Some time before you go, you could watch "Don't Look Now", an old ,movie with lots of Venice shots, starring Donald Sutherland.

okay friends. i have one word for you. JOKING. as in ha ha ha
not wearing any of those things except the boots.
and nothing else.
another joke.
ha ha ha
sharon - thanks for thinking so highly of me but i really dont have a bit of style. think daniel boone paul bunyan and youll get a better pic. totally butch. and totally fine with me!

rubber boots available IN venice in a pinch. ive got an itty bitty suitcase.

out-of-date oldtimer that I am, I didn't know about keens. But I took a look at their site and believe that the "bern baby bern" taller styles would be more servicable and also rather interesting. For short boots, there is an Akita ankle model which is similar to the ones you show but seems to have a bit more "elan"................the ones you show are functional but rather styleless, and neither of those words seems to describe your personal or artistic styles.

My (unsolicited) advice is nix on all these boots. You need HIGH RUBBER boots for the aqua alta and some warm wool socks. Also, nix the hat, too. You're going to Italia after all, where it's more important to look good - bella figura - than adopt Seattle grunge. The onesie actually, joking aside, would keep you warm & no one would see it but you'd have hassles getting it all unsnapped, etc. in very tiny Venetian bagnos! Go with the raincoat & buy a beautiful scarf, hat, boots & umbrella there.
Just sayin'...

Onesie? Cute but oh so awkward. Silk separates, I vote YES. The rest is a go. You are ready to rock, Girl! xoDonna

Well, I say go prepared and go in style. Awesome boot choices, you can't go wrong with any of them and the red jump-in-and-go 'onesie' rocks. Here in MN in winter, you could walk down main street in that and no one would give you even a passing glance. Heck you could walk down town, walk into any office building and they'd open the door for you. All that matters is you will be toasty warm. And of course loved seeing you journal pages. They always inspire. :)

Those buttons are fun on the boots with the furry/tweedy turnovers. (Is turnover a word?)

Be sure to show yourself wearing that hat!

I like the boots on the right, they have that cute button detail, but you could dress up the others with a matching pom-pom. Does the onesie have the bum flap? If not, using the facilities may require much derobing. Better to get some silk thermal separates.

Love the boots, coat, cap, and the idea of red sunglasses, but the onesie? I just don't get them, or jumpsuits for that matter. Not very handy for making a quick 'pit stop'. I don't like the idea of having to practically undress completely in public bathrooms.

Yes, go for the Keens! Because of you I own a pair and love them. And it will be good to be warm. And YES tonanythindpg Red!

I vote for the Keens too - you have a history with them that is satisfying and the turned up toe is always cute.

The trench looks super chic and practical too! What fun it will be to dress it up with all the scarves you're going to buy. The hat is perfect and looks like a blanket for your ears. Who makes the boots on the right with the cute cuffs and buttons? Your drawings are a wonderful prelude to your Venice story.....sweet dreams.

I vote for the hat! They have beautiful textiles there too, duponi silk, stores to buy beads made with that stunning glassware. So I think a lovely black coat accessorized with a silk scarf - bella! Loving the maps too :-)

Love the red onesie. If only it were footed!

love these boots! Your feet must be shaped just like mine :) the top left ones look like Keens, but what are the others? My Blundstones just wore out...

Hahaha, yes you'll definitely need that onesie! It could be rather chilly and damp hanging about those canals. Love the boot choice and that pompomed hat is so cute!

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