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Saturday, September 15, 2012


oh - a new class - yeaahhh - how great is that.
Can´t wait to hear more - still need time to take you 'remains of the day' class - but I will...

I can't wait for your new class! And I lOVE you chevron panel. Thanks for always inspiring me. You brighten my day!

Can't wait for details on a class and coconut iced tea! Coconut milk?

bella, if this class is anything like your quirky labels... then YES, i'm in! love your blog. love your labels. can't wait to experience my first creative session with you!


Oh my goodness I'm so excited! Love your classes Mary Ann!



Cannot WAIT!!!

Mary Ann!!!! A new class!!! Did I hear that right? I'm so excited!!! i can't wait!!!!

you are such a tease. looking forward to another great online class!


You just made my whole year.

(But you knew that.)


Hurray and thank you for sharing with us all the wonder and cleverness that is YOU :)

You certainly made my day. I have been waiting and waiting for another one of your classes....... Doing the Happy Dance..... Thank you so much.

I love going to school when you're the teacher!

HOORAY!!! Love your classes Mary Ann. Can't wait to hear more.

Oh and i see a smiling face in the chevron. Red Eyes, White Smile! Cool!

Wheeee!! Another class from Mary Ann!!! Happy Dance!!!! Thanx so much!

OMG can't wait to hear about your new online class Mary Ann!!! Tell us more and soon please.
denita xxoxox

Oh my God! Oh My Gawd! OMG! Mon Dieu! Mon Dieu Seigneur. Oh my. I'm beyond in a twirl just hearing that this is really happening. Oh, wait. Wrong language - mio Dio!! (and I'm not even religious) Happy Sunday to you. :-)

LOVE LOVE LOVE that idea of doing a travel journal class while on vacation. Very clever and I haven't seent hat any place yet so very innovated too! Can't wait! And I'm guessing you will be going to some place in Italy, some place the Romans who spoke Latin were. Maybe Rome.

Holy frickin' cow! I can't wait to get the details!!!


WOOHOO! A NEW CLASS! Have done them all and loved them all!

Do love an ampersand!!!

It sounds like bella Italia, to me!!!

oooo you temptress you, I'm not at all good at waiting you know!!! M

Ciao Italia! Are we talking about Venice here??

Oh oh oh! Are you doing a class in Italy?!?! A dream come true if so. I hope so. :)

Oh, OH DID you hear me? I just screamed with glee and joy. Jumping up and down and already I can't wait for the big 'reveal' I'm ready to go the distance and anywhere you take us...I'm gonna be part of that journey, you can bet your best pair of keens on that one...yesiree indeedy!!!!!!!!

Hi Mary Ann I've just discovered your blog. I love it. I might even love you, not sure, never fallen in love with someone from just reading their blog before. I've been an elementary teacher for many years too (in Australia) I am interested in your travel class, so will attempt to subscribe to you. I have a blog too, its mainly about my art journaling.... but I wish I was funny like you!!! Kind regards, Alison from Byron Bay


LOVE the ampersand, and WOOT, a new class!!

DID YOU SAY "online travel class"????

So there I am!!!


susan w. the coconut creme tea is from ART OF TEA. you can get online. it is exquisite. i ordered 100 bags of the stuff!!! because if i dont drink 2 big icy glasses a day i dont feel right. its very mild and not sweet, but so refreshing. boy do i love it! i make it in old spaghetti jars (clean ones!)
i sent some to my sister and she likes it hot.

Italy again...YAY!

please - details on coconut iced tea

Ack--such a tease! I'm ready to run away to Italy too, if only in my dreams for now. Can't wait to hear more!

Oh! how wonderful for you!!!

coconut iced tea? Is that iced tea with coconut milk or some other kind of scrumptiousness?

bah!! italy! i might have to attempt to smuggle myself into your suitcase!

lovely ampersand too.

ooooh, i hope we are going Italy!!!!!!!!!!

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