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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


It's so funny; I just found this mag yesterday. It's odd how things converge at a single point sometimes.

OMG 2.0 - those shelves of bowls are from a store in Paris - adding that to my list for my next visit! And did you see that cute little shed on page 31?? Want one! Don't have a yard but I think a shed that size will fit in my living room. Wowza!

Seriously!!! Those french bowls and price tags. I'm in love!
Mary Ann, your blog is a bowl of fresh air. Hope you decide to teach a class someday. I'll be in the front row! :)

the bowls!! love them!!!

Serious eye candy!

Ooh, this is beautiful. Don't tempt me so! I will check out their site though.

WOW! Stunning. xoDonna

WOW! Stunning. xoDonna

Thanks....for your iPad...the "flip" app....articles from all over...right now they have a national geographic pictorial from Italy....several pics from venezia.......:)

This is seriously a good fine. Thanks so much for the link. It put a happy smile in my heart. Thanks again.

Oh - Em - Gee, those photos are AWESOME!! Totally in love with the shelves of bowls and number plates!! Thx for sharing!!

I hope that I can locate that mag. The pictures made me smile just looking at them. Such happy bright colors. ( and since I am reading THE HANDMAID'S TALE.i needed bright colors and smiles in a big way. Mary Ann to the rescue once again.

Cool Beans Mary Ann. Love a good visual playground to get the day off to a good start. Love that fan make over. ;)

Oh, wow. Just beautiful. Now I know what I'm doing this weekend! Thanks for the heads-up!

I like those french cups with the little room tags in front. As you say: seriously Excellent... And I started my first vintage album to be turned into a book, according to your FTB book nr 2. Whoopie... Will post when I have something worth posting!

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