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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Wow! Thank you for sharing!


That was beautiful. I love calligraphy too. Check out the Irish calligrapher Denis Brown. If I won the Lottery I'd buy one of his pieces.

cello and calligraph--, totally soothing, totally inspiring!

So beautiful...the music and the calligraphy! What amazing control this artist has. I've done some calligraphy, but I have nowhere near this level of expertise. Loved this.

This is so beautiful......I am completely amazed.

No! Not relaxing...just last summer I took a calligraphy class and was the worst calligrapher! I kept anxiously watching the pen for those awful little slips! :-)

Always in awe of calligraphers. Like beading and knitting, you'll never see me even ATTEMPT the artform, but I love to watch......

Good grief! Amazing grace. I learned so much just by watching the way he moves his arm and hands. You've got me lettering in an old book. But so lazy - in bed. Now I see I have to be standing.

This is awesome. I think I would need the paint by number version.

w o w !!

wow! gorgeous combination of music and art...my dad would have LOVED this...he was an awesome calligrapher. thanks for sharing. xo

I think I will leave well enough alone and just enjoy yours and other peoples' beautiful handwriting.

It fascinates me, but I could not do that. I am delighted to watch others do it, though. I always wanted to learn Chinese calligraphy when I studied Asian languages years ago, but never did... I am loving your BIG letters!

Fantastic... thanks for posting this!

Wowee zowee.

beautiful. *runs away to buy a bunch of hand-lettering books*

I can only dream of being this clever!! Beautiful!!

this is magic - i find it hypnotic.
i'm so glad to see you went to scrape while you were in san francisco.
every couple of years i go through stuff "clearing clutter" and they
drive down to pick up all the big piles of goodies for others. I'm always
amazed at items they will take. the man who drives their van is delightful
with his british accent and Aiden, our dog was a puppy when he first came
to pick up items and Aiden jumped in the van ready to go for a ride. Aiden
continues to do this everytime the SCRAPE van is here for a pick up.

So beautiful – the strength of the flow of the music and the pen. The river of Sight & Sound. It calls to me.

b e a u t i f u l !

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