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Friday, August 03, 2012


Oh I remember my teaching days. July was FREEDOM, but the minute the calendar turned to August, I started to feel an ache in my soul that was not unlike a new pair of school shoes pressing in on my sunburned feet. It took a week of mourning my loss of freedom before I started enjoying thinking about how I was going to decorate the classroom and what new things I'd teach that year.

Mary Ann Moss and Pam Garrison in the house together! The roof must have been flying off, or at least painted pages were floating out the window. Hmmm - wouldn't a workshop with the two of you be da bomb?? Puleeze visit the east coast, I'll take you to Cape Cod and Pomegranate Cottage. There's a big table for cutting and pasting and a firepit and lobstah. And there's room for your adorb sister, as there's always one of the four of mine hanging around.

Fun! I am loving the orange and blue color combo. You turned me on to that Martha craft paint for journaling and loving it.

No pixels even without clicking! I need more local crafty friends!!! Color me green!

laura that is my BELOVED precious Polish Paper Chandelier - handmade in Poland, but came to me via The Polish Art Center - in Michigan

So. Are those flowers hung upside down to the left of Pam's head in the pic on the bottom right? Cuz I hafta know. If yes, check here. Then tell me how you strung em up. And again I must say, YOU TWO!

I want to play koo koo too! If Pam has a lead foot, how long do you think it would take to get your little butts to SMA???????? I'll start making room NOW. Super pics, no pix! xoDonna

Looks like good times were had! By the way, the photos look fine on my computer, crispy clear.

OMG girl....you and Pam...again... ;)I was reading the first bits and I just knew soon as you said a friend was acomin' I just knew it had to be Pam. I love when the took of you team up for a play date...always means there is gonna be some awesome pics to feast upon...you didn't disappoint...btw, on my screen your photos don't look pixelated at all..not even a tiny bit...perfect as always...love your koo koo journal...can't wait to see what kind of new visual journal you dream up next...

Looks like a fun time was had.

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