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Saturday, August 04, 2012


I've been having so much fun with your labels. Can't wait to get Pam's too!

No denial here. My daughter starts school tomorrow and my students return on Wed. Might as well work while it's muggy and hot. I'd prefer the modified year around schedule so I could have 3 weeks off during fall and spring. Our weather is glorious that time of year.
Those labels: High drool factor! I could almost ignore my stencil wish list... Well, almost!

Amen on the setting up the classroom in a few days......wonder if the custodians "inspired" a new room setup when they put everything back after they wax the floors......giggle. They help me out every year!

WOW! Pam's talent is showing. And she did all this with her lead foot on the pedal? :o) xoDonna

Feeling your pain. I start back this Wed. Kids a week from Wed. Poop. We do get out in May, though. Still. Still! Summer is about over.

I thrill at watching the evolution of your design style over the years. I love your colors

you two sure are some great playmates. love the label you and Pam are doing. great for so many uses.

I just had a mental image of myself sneaking in as a student in your classroom and I can't stop giggling (in my head). I would eat all the paste and horde the scissors. Clearly, you'd have to send me to the principal's office. But I'd bring my journal and not care at all. Thanks for sharing your play time. It's SO joyous and fun!

Oh, how well I remember those last few precious days of summer when I was teaching. What seemed like an ocean of summer in mid-June became distilled to that final bit of freedom. I know you'll make the most of it!
Erin in Morro Bay

I'm lovin' on your and Pam's label happiness. Both are on my wish list which just keeps growing and growing. Ya know I could fill many journals with simply 'wish' lists. In fact it would be a 'volume' collection me thinks. I might have to do that. Hum.....school, yup it is getting to be that time of year which just means you have to spend every second until then basking in every glorious free moment you get. I don't think I know of anyone else who has turned relaxation, strolling, and journaling into an olympic level event. Those runners got nothin' on you, girl. It's about what one sees as they stretch, s l o w l y through the miles...not about who crosses the finish line first...silly runners...;) I'm giving you 16.000 with no deductions. Olympic gold goes to Mary Ann Moss, hands down.

I was just thinking....if you ever stopped Blogging I'd have to go to grief counseling.

Pams labels are spec-TAC...just like the two of you.
Is it dangerous to smash your creative talent together in Earthquake country?

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