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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Hi Mary Ann - I have a roaming cat who feels it is his duty to sort out the neighborhood. We have a great vet and have learned to dab whatever scrapes he gets with hydrogen perioxide...it really
seems to do the trick and he actually likes it! Purrs and rubs against the cloth as I search for cuts and bites.
Hope your vet helped as it is always a worry not knowing exactly what is disturbing them.
Hang in there with school - it will help pay for your next ADVENTURE!!
xo Pam (in Mpls)

This (just) retired elementary teacher identifies with your usual. And thanks for the lyrical observation on travel. So right on, in both.

Oh, there's poor Wyatt in "the cone of shame"...that's how our pets, either cat or dogs wears that contraption. So very undignified for cats sense of themselves as royalty...it is a proven fact that cats live longer when kept indoors. Outdoors they are subjected to many evils and dangers. Fights, disease, death. Unfixed cats live to breed...yes, and the horror of uterine problems with females is that they have to be bred back as soon as possible to keep uterine problems at bay. Aside from contributing to many unwanted cats, an horrible problem in the City I live in, there is the birds who are killed by feral and pet cats...numbers in the millions! Yes, please keep all your cats indoors...they miss nothing by roaming outdoors...

poor Wyatt; I hope he can get used to watching the action from inside while you're gone! glad to see you posting again since school started; I was afraid you class full of monkeys had carried you off!! :D

OHHHHH, so THAT's what a "kitty cone" is! All along I'd thought it was a size of ice cream cone!

Poor Wyatt. I hate it when they don't feel well; it kills me. Those coneheads make me want to cry. My Lulu had an anxiety attack this morning. No joke, she really did. I thought she was going to expire on the spot, but after several hours of hiding she got over it. There was some work being done in the house with very loud drilling...think dentist's drill X 100. Of the three cats, one hid in her hidey hole (closet), one was mellow and out & about most of the time, and Lulu just about had a breakdown. I tried to coax her into a closet, too, but those are for playtime, not for breakdowns. Silly me. What I finally did was put her out on the lanai with a sheet draped over a chair. She interpreted that as a tent to hide in and she did, even though she continued to hyperventilate. Maybe some Xanax next time? Just kidding.

I love that cats can look both insulted and dignified at the same time. Wish I could do that. Just want to know, will you be painting your halo neon pink? I'm personally thinking that maybe your craft monkeys may not get all your jokes. My daughter (age 12) recently pointed out to me that there were jokes in some of her favorite movies that she hadn't gotten when she was younger. Luckily she's much older and more sophisticated now. Hope the vet was a productive trip.

I would love to be a member of your class!

Sure hope Wyatt is on the mend soon. I'm thinking about you as you start a new school year. Your students are so lucky to have a dream-builder for a teacher! They will never forget all the amazing journeys (real & imagined) that you take them on this year. Bless you for being such a positive force MAM!

Poor Wyatt, he can't go out and play because of all rhe (bad boys) hanging. More little craft monkeys to love and train, there lucky to have a gal like you with style and humor. Good luck, days are long when your spreading wisdom among the energetic.

Poor Wyatt. I'm sad for him but indeed,gotta keep him out of the line of fire. Your journal pages rock. Love the one about losing the world...so true. Around these parts kids don't go back till after labor day at most schools. I can tell you that the natives are getting restless tho, based on the numbers of parents and kidlets in the school supplies aisles, asking for the most expensive of 'everything' I'm guessing they are ready, the parents 'i mean. I've one off to college and one heading into her jr. year hs and all I can think of is that they can't have gotten old that quick..where was i, the last time I looked they were back in 1st grade and crayons were the most necessary item on the list.sigh..sounds like you are getting yourself back into the ebb and flow of classroom life...

Poor kitty! (I know...you're thinking...poor kitty my ---).

Hope you get everything solved with mr. Wyatt Miss M.
Catching up on your posts. Love that new blue journal in the making - made of those awesome books covers.
That´s what´s available for me mostly, so love to see how you do those.
ps: thanks for the post ;-)

Get well soon, little white person. xox

Oh no, Mr. Wyatt! And Princess Corky! Are they meowing the tune 'Don't Fence Me In' yet? There will be no more varmints for Wyatt to rustle? My rascally fur balls do not like the summer heat and stay inside so I think I will shut thier door as well. I know I will be as anxious as they are bound to get! Best wishes for a good year with your new craft monkeys!

Sorry Wyatt is a wee bit downtrodden. He is rocking the collar though. And best wishes for a wonderful school year. I bet you are absolutely the best teacher!

MAM, might I be so bold as to suggest that with the cat door bolted, this might be an excellent time to introduce a new cat baby to the mix? Your work space looks a little too neat to me; a cat baby could correct that situation, just sayin'. Yesterday I mailed 2 new sketchbooks to my mother for her 95th b'day - making 4 that I've made for her since taking your most excellent FTB class. She rapidly filled the other 2 and is currently reduced to sketching on a store-bought sketch pad. She sketches daily. In the front of one of the books, I paper-clipped a photo of my (2 yr old) cat (still a baby), Martha, "helping" her mom construct grandma's new book. Hope Mom doesn't notice the picture was taken on top of my kitchen counter - a definite no-no in her estimation!

Is Wyat snipped? Excusez mon French... They do fight a lot less when snipped. Otherwise, yes, they can get pretty damaged in fights. Hope he gets well soon...Enjoy your back to school... I know why all moms love teachers so much! The Norway book looks gorgeous.

How are you holding up with going back to school though? Now that you're back, do you feel like you never left? I go back in 1 week and I am having a hard time of it... summer winding down...stress about going back...I will make it through this but man, this is one of the most emotional times of the year.

Poor Wyatt, those collars are so undignified! I am fostering a little kitten who had to wear one and she is very glad to be out of it now. Best wishes to W for a speedy recovery. And I agree with Carol G, teachers are saints and those kids are especially lucky to have landed in YOUR class, although they might not know it yet!

Poor kitty! I hope the vet gets him all fixed up.

I am LOVING your pages. Very inspiring. Makes me wanna get out my journal and play right now! :)

I'm back from vacation, and catching up on what's new in your world. This 'back from vacation thing' is not all it's cracked up to be. (Don't believe it's cracked up to be much either...) You sound more cheerful about it than I! Wyatt Earp seems to be wearing his collar with fortitude, and it looks right handsome on him. I hope he doesn't need it much longer though. If he did, you might have to paint something cheerful on it!

More little monkeys ready to be wrangled,er,blessed by Ms Moss. Best of all things to you and to them!

I want my cat's to outlive me. Because well, I could not take the alternative. Mine stay indoors. Studies prove indoor cats live a heck of a lot longer. I love these lil buggers...

A nice kollection of pages ya got there missie!

There's a special place in heaven for teachers; you guys and girls are SAINTS!

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