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Sunday, August 05, 2012


wow. groovy stuff.

I got the vintage postcards and photos in Norway at a couple antique stores... The very nice lady proprietor at one store gave me a handful of photos FREE!!!

Are all the antique photos of Norway? Where are you finding them? And the transparencies? Where do you find those? Aren't there other producers of these things besides Hambley? Love the journal.

Ditto, ditto, Ditto, Mary Ann. I agree so much with everyone's delight in your Norway travel journal; it is a joy to see!Thanks so much for sharing it with all of us. I loved the comment about the real beauty of simplicity.....and the comment about the real importance of the sketch being about capturing a memory. So many thoughtful artists coming here regularly. Lovely.

Yay! More Norway travel journal! I love soaking in these images. Thanks for sharing.

susan that is a hambly screen print transparency. i love them so much. theyre going out of business so i bought a lot of them. all the clear pages/overlays in my travel journal are hambly.

What is the clear overlay with circles made from?

Thanks again for "beautifying" my Sunday morning. I love that your journals are always evolving. Love the sketching! You're so talented and have such a joyful spirit.

I'm enjoying looking at your travel journal as I ponder binding a new one for my upcoming travels to California for camping in the Redwoods and at the beach. The planning is so dang much fun.

I'm fond of your Norway journal too! I'm reliving my own Norwegian memories with each page. In fact, the fellow to the left in the top photo, I might have known him...but I don't kiss and tell :) I'm dipping my toes into exploring sketching and am enjoying your drawings. My eye really focused on the crocheted lace. Looking forward to more pages.

It's totally beautiful! I haven't started week 2's project yet -- was hoping to find a more engaging book to start with but I haven't yet, so I'll use something I already have. Hint: if you ever DO get up to Humboldt County, don't expect to find anything good at our piss-poor yard and rummage sales!

Love the pages Mary Ann. Your boat sketch is wonderful, indeed capturing a memory is what it's really all about. The photo of the houses all sitting pretty and humble in a row is fantastic. I look at them and feel good, that not everything has to be grand and that real beauty is often about the simplicity rather than the complexity. Thanks for sharing the moments. Twas a great way to begin my Sunday morning.

So wonderful. You are something else...I have to visit many blogs and websites for my business and yours is my favorite. Smiles in abundance. Love of life. Wonderfully creative. Oh...and you love cats!!

I think the sketch is good. Very good...and you're right. The important thing about sketching in your journal is capturing a moment to remember.

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