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Monday, August 06, 2012


ah, um... i'm *pretty* happy about neon love stories too...

Sigh.. I totally get it

Every time I stop by your sweet blog to catch up on your journal pages, my heart goes pitter patter...

loving all the pages! the color~

Thanks Mary Ann, off to see if I can find me some Liquitex neon paints to play with!


I love scraps too...it's why I'm buried in paper. can't seem to throw away the tiniest piece. adore your work, painting, colors, and lovely journals...good luck with the new school year!

I am absolutely loving your Norway journal; the colours are my favourite part although it wasn't until this post that I realized you're not only using pink and orange but neon pink and orange. Brilliant.
I'm also wondering what brand of paint you're using, for those luscious neon colours? Having lived through the first neon wave in the 80's I'm definitely too old to wear it again - well, other than a pair of neon orange Toms shoes that I couldn't resist! - but I want to play with those colours, too.

I love this color combo! Im crazy about neon too. The only part of the 80s Im excited to see back! The neon paints I have purchased all have a chalky finish when they dry and some even crack. Can I ask what neon paint/ink you like to use? Those napkins are such a great find! Gorgeous!

I am lapping up all this color happiness...that neon red/pink totally knocked my me off my chair...wowa, WOWZA that is some serious bright color. Even more so on screen, it almost vibrates...that could be the stripes working there magic. All I gotta say is your pages are awesome. These pages could stop traffic...seriously they really could.

sooz - martha stewart- cloud mixed with another liquitex cerulean {i think that's what i mixed it with!}
anne - the booklet is one signature, pamphlet stitch up the center. super simple.


Must know the brand/color name of that AQUA paint! Pretty please?
Love the neon with it.

How did you bind this journal?

color meditations

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