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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


What cocktail did you have in the end? Currently loving Kamm & Sons with passionfruit and lychee.

jane the Big Cheese missed my room completely.

i almost never mix the ph martin watercolors with acrylic...but sometimes i squirt a drop of watercolor into a puddle of acrylic. just for fun.
i do whatever i want in my visual journal. in my sketch book (which i just began this year for the first time) i draw/sketch exclusively. no collage. i know lots of people who just do everything in the same book, but i have an especially strong categorization center of my brain so i keep separate. separate but equal. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Somehow it had not occurred that your sketchbook and your visual journal are two separate books. Not sure how this has escaped my eagle eye. Can you pretty please blog about the burning question of "do you mix your Dr PH Martin Watercolor Inks with your acrylic or do you use them as they are?" Thank you. Dreaming of the weekend here too, and let's hope the BC doesn't have indigestion or gout or something to make the temper of the BC most foul.

I do so like your alphabets. All nice and curvy and flowery and wonderful. You are inspiring me to try some on my own. Thanks!

I can;t wait to see that idea get dislodged and pasted to a page where it belongs!

You know, your blog is always the plus of my day, even and especially on a minus day. I admire you so.
Today I was feeling "spongy" (not a good thing) in a lot of ways.
I read your blog. Felt your strength through frustration, and then I happened to look down at the Amalfi Coast link.
I had never seen it. I have been tagging along with you since Istanbul. I inhaled the Amalfi Coast, stairs and all.
Bravo. And, I am now less spongy thanks to you Miss Moss. Good deed done, I thank you.

I really like the boss of you and I think teachers are the best.

What the heck? 4 days!?! WE only get 3. How'd you swing that?!

I love coming here to your world. Love your pages, and I admire you for being a teacher, especially in this day and age in this country. I think you should become a Private Tutor to a set a well-behaved posh twins in Beverly Hills, per se. You could make a fortune! Maybe. I really don't know the going rate. Good luck with Mr Big Cheese.

ah heck in hand basket, You are a pretty amazing so I think that BC might as well just hang out in the teacher's lounge and call it good. Ok so I can hope for ya can't I? bureaucratic bunch of malarkey I say. If they were as smart as they think they are, they'd have the good sense to know that if it ain't broke don't fix but I keep forgetting that they keep fixing the good parts which in effect brings about chaos and instead of fixing what doesn't work, which means that they have to listen to their best teachers since they are the ones that know, right? but no, they traipse through, taking notes, thinking they are wise when they are not and in the end too many hands in the soup and what do you get...whatever it is, it's never good, well most times anyway, those 4 days are looming ever closer...celebrate today as it's all down hill from here...you got wheels, I've seen em...just coast along till you stop at Moss Cottage btw you journal is looking mighty fine, letters and all. :)

I too am looking forward to that four day weekend. We can do it. Go team!

Love your letters! and circles, and doodles..."I am the boss of me"...my daughter used to have that as one of her classroom rules when she taught music. Apparently it is a worldwide concept? too bad most people don't get it. Good luck with the BC! DO enJOY that cocktail and the looong weekend!!

Do you have a source for your letters are are they flinging themselves out of your great fertile brain? No wait, don't answer. I am imagining that you have a vast collection of victorian and rococo style silver that you have pilfered from your hi-jinx on your many travels (I lost my adjective there, it just fell out of my head) and you have lined them all up and are savoring the soils of misbegotten sterling. Not pilfered you say? How could I imagine such a thing? Then a wildly mismatched silverware collection that has crept into the cracks and crannies of the spots you are most likely to notice while you meander and there have lain in wait for you to discover them and bring them home to be memorialized. One or the other. Or another. Maybe

All this letter loving is making me want to play along.....you are the happiest spot in my day, no matter what time of day, like right now at 5:30 a.m. Good luck with the B.C. - I bet this time next year you will be having loads of fun being your own B.C...I have a good feeling....I have lots of feelings...they are allllllll good!

Yes! Do what you love. If it's letters so be it.

I'm holding a good thought for you MAM and for the children you are sheparding

I like the idea of the alphabet letters, one a day. I shall look forward to seeing those. Also the commenter who suggested pre-colored pages, very good idea.

Hang in there with the B.C., if your monkeys go mad it might mean you get some extra help?

Had a laugh at the Nike Air spam comments, the way the ads run together and you can't figure out what product they're talking about ("his zipper opens up the entire bottom compartment for handy access", say what???! Oh my, don't get me started!)

Ah...nothing like the visit of a B.C. to make a teacher feel like s/he's a 2md grader waiting for the principal's reprimand. Hang loose and the monkeys will be themselves for better or worse. They be who they be! btw,I went to hs with a few women who went on to become B.C's without EVER being in a classroom. So - not -right.

GOOD LUCK with the BC. I'll keep my available fingers crossed for things to go well, like a well-oiled cart and all.

I, in the mean while, am pre-coloring pages in my travel journal for my rapidly upcoming trip to Nantucket. I hate a white page. Yep. I do. So I pre-color them so I don't have to stare, stuck like a deer in the white, white, WHITE light of a headlight. Sometimes, but not too often, I hate the color the page I have pre-colored when I get to it, but it is still better than a WHITE page staring at me.

There, did I take your mind off the BC for a minute with my white page vs. pre-colored page smoke and mirrors? Hope so.

Toes crossed for you, too.

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