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Thursday, August 09, 2012


I am busy watching "topper" on netflix. Whoa it looks like the friend just got wacked and her spirit is floating around........whoa.......oh, now she's toppers friend.......ghost....or whatever. I like his name (cosmo).......great name. which reminds me. it is happy hour......


I'm having a "dazzler". 2 oz makers mark 46 to 3/4 oz sweet vermouth with a blue cheese stuffed olive....on the rocks................oh yum. Sometimes you have to stuff your own olives to get really good ones.

Anyway.....I have a friend in SD, will touch base with him about rentals......one never knows.

MA, you really need to come to Santa Fe to meet my friend "Colleen". I will email you about it. When is your next "break" ? Just a weekend. You will find her home DIVINE....

Very cool. I need to find me some calendars

Dottie - don't know why you are set on main line SD, North County is much more relaxed. If you like the beach, art, good eats, friendly people, mom and pop stores, dogs, families, parks, etc. try Encinitas, Leucadia, Cardiff, or if you like horses too, Olivenheim. Pick up the San Diego Reader, lots of roommates situations, $1,000 for a studio is doable but far and few between. P.S. we're San Diegans. Jess so you can pretend to be native like the rest of us interlopers.

a book recommendation waddaya think of this?

thanks for any leads on a rental 800-1050 in Hillcrest, North Park, Clairmont, La Mesa,
you San Diegoans, name it. 'preciate any leads.


i'm so glad I found your blog & instagram. your art is so visually appealing to me and i love the way you mix media.

A few years ago I saw the play called The Orphan Train and it was very interesting. The
children in the play did an excellent job. Many sad parts and I went through lots of
Kleenex! It did have a happy ending and we all left realizing how lucky we
were. I will have to get the book you are reading. Your visual journal from a calendar
is a wonderful idea! Thanks!

I get it now, I get it. (Pam, get back home off vacation! I wanna see what your stamps look like!)

Is SoCal ready for two of the Moss Mischief Makers?? Enquiring minds want to know. <- That's me.


Yeah, I come here to jump in and splash around in your Pool of Melted Creamsicle Art Joy before I hit my studio to do something totally different but still high on your joy, ingenuity and humor. You could seriously charge admission.

I'm liking your summer brain Mary Ann...cuz I understood every tiny bit and detail...chuckled over the bit about your temporary journals...you love em just the same...numbered or not...you know you do. ;)over the weekend I discovered some calendars that are about as cool as the Snow & Graham calendars at our local Paper Source...I thought of you immediately. I wanted one so bad as my mind jumped ahead as to how I could use the paper at the end of the year...even if I could wait an entire year ...the price was a wee bit too steep for my check book...if you wanna peek here is the link
they have the S&G's too...they all look yummy to me.

I was just thinking as I read that maybe there is a reason for one of those machines when you brought me back to the reality that I already have one and have gotten some good work from it. With your stencil info under my belt (my hair?) I have cut quite a few things. I have lost the name of the girl with the great stencil material,though. Thanks for info,inspiration and the thump back to reality.


there is almost no writing in the first book - its more of a sample book of patterns & color play. when i say VISUAL journal. i mean it! i have a writing journal for regular journaling. in the 2nd calendar book, ill prob write a wee bit more. mostly captions or single lines.

so, will you "write" in these temporary journals? they are so visually stimulating!

Yep...summer brain has hurt you one little bit. I totally understood what you were explaining and it's very exciting because I was looking at a stack of calendars the other day...just wondering what in the world to do with them. Now I know. Thanks.

Okay, I have to say it again - even with summer brain, you are stunningly brilliant. Cutting letters out of a photo as you did with the "yes" picture? So clever!! Put this craft monkey at a typewriter for 6 months and I still would not have thought of that!! Thank goodness, that is why we have you to lead us to the land of journal possibilities. Excuse me, I have to go fold up an old calendar now...

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