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Sunday, August 19, 2012


As usual, you have offered up thought-provoking succinct nuggets of wisdom...and yet...I can't stop thinking of those hand-painted chevrons!!! Love!

hey - the doily coaster looks familiar...!!! soo happy you found a use for them. xoxo

loving your newest visual journal. inspired me to get cracking and make one of my own... and i have the perfect book cover for it too.

can't wait to see where your 'compass' takes you, and what new adventures you'll embark on.

Wonderful colors! I love your journals. I also appreciate the fact that you work with children. Are many of them bilingual? if so, what a wonderful challenge.

wise woman. xoDonna

Very clever way to show those photos. Got to try that.
Hope those devils aren't turning you off teaching. Or maybe I should say they will and they are a sign to go forward. I've had years like that too and they make you just want to quit. Unfortunately if I want to keep playing I need to keep working-isn't that how it always works? I am in my last week off and I am having all those moments you had a month ago...should go into my classroom, want to savor the last of my free days. (Hope that doesn't mean I have all those high need devils this year too). Maybe I really will try to create some spray valium so when the kids are just too much I can give the room a squirt and they'll all collapse into little piles on their desks. (not that I really would do that, but it is a nice thought!)

I hope you had a beautiful day, and it's glow will get you through today. Me too. Once more unto the breach, dear friends. Indeed!

I love the bright colors in this journal. I'm a retired First Grade teacher so I understand why you have to work hard to notletthe job overwhelm you at times. Enjoy your weekends and dream about your next big adventure. I have a book to recommend to you: The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce. I listened to it my Kindle Fire(audible books dot com). The setting is in England...I love anything " British." That reminds me, if you haven't watched the series "Downton Abby"...it's a must watch. Have a great school year!

At least you're having fun playing today. I spent the entire day purging the kitchen cabinets of unused objects. Where do we come by all this "stuff"????? I have to say it's very freeing, makes me want to weed out more crap that has been accumulating for over 35 years in this house.

Your calendar cum journal is looking might bright and happy. And you'll have the posse waiting for you tomorrow...always a good thing, right?

I'm a week away from starting my 26th year in education so I understand how you're feeling. Blinders are a good thing. Keep them on as long as possible. And know your journal, paints, brushes, and tapes will be waiting for you as will the cat posse at the end of each school day.

I agree...concentrate on today as much as possible! Today I will collage and make quinoa for the first time until the specter of Monday starts intruding on my day later this afternoon. It shortens my weekend and makes me feel cheated out of all the time off due me. Do those mental horse blinders really work?? Maybe I need to keep busier. Loving the bright colors you are using in your journals and the patterns!!


indeed. do whatever you sweet heart desires. LOVE the bright vibe you've got goin' on in your calender turned journal and I agree with my whole heart what you wrote.

yes, yes! only today! enjoy it to the fullest...xo

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