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Monday, August 13, 2012


The Hand Book Art Journals are awesome. Would highly recommend them also.. Love the weight of the paper. Thanks for the info on the Dr Ph Martin inks....never used them but will soon.

hi kadee,

my sketchbook is a hand book journal -
the paper is lovely. nothing bleeds through to the other side, wrinkling is minimal. you can see through some of the pages slightly, but not so much as to be distracting.
when this one is finished i will definitely get the exact same kind again!


thats a pic of the missus. corky a fine and upstanding member of the catterpuss posse!

So satisfying to find a medium that just soothes you!! I love the making of the journal.... I love seeing what others do in theirs... and I love taking classes on journaling. But for some reason I haven't been able to get further than that. By the way, what is the weight of the paper and whose brand? See? starting to ask questions... do you think I might get motivated??!!

Hey - I have exactly the same mug - Anthropologie right - I bought it a few years ago and still love it - everytime I go to Anthro I buy myself a different one! Love your sketches - and of course like everyone I am going to try those watercolors

Is this cat in the Cat Posse photo gallery? She looks just like a wonderful fella I had that was a Norwegian Woods cat (Forest cat?). I met him in Sweden and brought him home with me. I miss him so much and feel like he's visiting with this photo. Thanks.

...makin' me want to get a sketch book! (oh, and that zip case that looks like a airmail letter)

Pretty! Do your pages show through on the other side? I'm getting problems with bleeding in my moleskin ATM :( it's the first time I've used them and it's like it can't handle my ink or paints.

I think your cup is gorgeous. It looks like a cup...a very pretty well used cup. I suffer from exteme sketchitis and have to remind myself constantly that drawing is interpretation not replication. So what if my cats look like dinosaurs and my children resemble Martians.

It sort of does but I don't care either. It almost looks like the old jam kind of can, where you can snap the lid back on....now wouldn't that make a great portable coffee cup??

Hello Missus! So glad to see Sister is giving you your fair share of blog time.
Nice mug sister.... Can you send me some mail and write my name in those letters on the envelope so I can make a name tag out of it to wear on my lab coat at work please?

happy to know about the liquid watercolors, do they mix well?

jenny they are dr. ph martin liquid watercolors! supah fun!

Finally! You have been quite cagey, you know! The bottles of color in the background show me what you're using to get those great saturated colors! Now, to the internet to figure out if you're using the PH Martin inks or watercolors. Hope it's the watercolors since my set just arrived!

Kitty - check! good one. sketch book laying open ... excellent choice. Love the sketch -- YOU. ARE. GOOD. Ink bottles - tell me a story. Never have I seen square ones. Blah Blah Blah xoDonna

I love your sketchbook. For some reason I never think of drawing and water coloring. I might enjoy it.

I am intrigued by the little bottles of ink. Would love to know the brand name so I can check them out on the Internet. Love the vibrant colors of them? Are they water base, etc. inquiring minds would/need to know. I love your sketches.

ahhhhhhh sweet bliss, gotta love that face. I spy some super, yummy watercolors, the doc is in, Dr Ph.Martin that is, the vivid colors they produce are awesome, ...tin can, shmin can, your mug is wonderful Mary Ann. What's not to love??? :)

Your rendering is not quite accurate -- you forgot the yellow paint on the mug handle! :)!!!

It (the can) is just keeping the hot chocolate warm until you finish painting. Your painting makes me smile; such happy colors and subjects. And dozy kitties are always great to see. I love my dogs, but I wish I had a kitty.

Love the colors, do you use the ink to paint with. I have added ink to white paint and that works great. Love your vibrant work.

Beautiful! Are those alcohol inks in the background? Is that what you are painting with to get such vibrant colors? So pretty!

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