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Sunday, August 26, 2012


Love the giant letters. :)

You know, it's good to hear that from someone who's made journals and actually used them (unlike myself, lol!)~ that you still hear those negative voices discounting what you've done. Guess we all deal with that. The difference is that you give them a snarky look and move on! Thanks for the insight!

Have you ever seen Zandra Rhodes fabric designs? I think you would enjoy them. http://www.zandrarhodes.com/

Haven't said lately how much I love your blog. I never thought I'd miss LA (grew up there) but I do when you talk about it. And I like those giant numbers, I don't know how to draw those!!

Hi, I love the letters. What paint??? are you using? If it's paint that is:) Thanks.

hmmm- the 'mentally ill relatives of my mind' were running loose in MY asylum, last night, too! I like your method for kicking them to the curb- neon colors, drawing, and beautiful music-- must try this ASAP!! And "beautiful, crazy, and ugly rolled all into one" is not only the perfect phrase for journaling, but for life, too... I just have to remember to focus on the beautiful and crazy part of it!

Can't imagine what would come out if I worked in my visual journal listening to Iz. I think I would use up all of my green paint.
Try Makaha Sons of Niihau, if you haven't already. Iz plays and sings with his brother, Skippy (1970's). Beautiful music!

luv that letter!


Quiet your inner critic those pages looked like fun. Isn't that what life is all about, joy?

Love the pages! It's easy for me to assume that someone like you never second guesses her work or gets discouraged- to me, your pages are always amazing. I love the font.

My daugther and son-in-law cut their wedding cake to IZ K's "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and that is the song that I danced the mother-son dance to with my son at his wedding reception. My husband and I discovered IZ K when we went to Maui in 2005 for our 30th wedding anniversary. He is an amazing musician who unfortunately died too young.

hmmmm reminds me of my own sister, who every once in a while, out of the blue will pull a few solid gold moves. keeps us laughing for days... xo

Found you through Blog hop... My first time visiting your blog and I have been having a blast looking through your posts, love the journal from you Norway travels and the post with lady in seat 38C... I just love that story and it just made me laugh and I can totally picture her.

I like your free way of creating all your journal pages, Im trying to teach my self to relax more with my own art and its hard, but I need it. Great blog and great fun to read and see.



Love those giant letters - awesome

The cracks, they let in some pretty great stuff too. The stuff that leaks out makes room.

Don't give them permission to play those nasty mind games with your head, M A.

I do LOVE those pages of your Norwegian journal. They have made me determined to make a much better job of my Paris book. After all this time! Tape will be splashed across all that neatness and ripped up precious pages won't know what's hit them.

Thanks, as always, for your inspiration. xoxo

Love the purple and orange on the lower right!!

LOVE Iz's CD's too. There is hope woven in with his voice. Falling in love again ... with. your. beautiful ... letters. So much to do, so little time. xoDonna

What Kristi said.

If you come home from work some day and find the P page ripped out of your journal, it was me. I have a hard time making P's and yours is awesome. (You'd think with both first and last name starting with P, I'd be better at it!) Carry on....

Now that's a capitol P that is worth claiming. You know, as in, "Well, Game Show Host Fella, I'll take that there P. It's real purty and I want to hang it on my wall." Yep. It is pretty and I would hang it on my wall, 'cept it's in your journal....details! Bah!

(Sometimes the "mentally ill relatives of MY mind" get loose and write emails....)

I like Iz's song "Over the Rainbow" very much.

"and when i looked back they weren't so bad after all. i like it when that happens"
I like that too.

I've been thinking of you often, recently. Wishing you well, and trusting that your excellent navigational skills, the way you follow those directional impulses that move you on thru, to always find those sweet flower-strewn lanes and peaceful leafy parks, and splendid nourishments and surprise treats, wherever you have ventured.... all that - I'm pretty sure you'll be dispatching about marvellous developments overthere, in time.


Some of my ugliest painted pages turn out to be the coolest once I've collaged stuff on top. I like the challenge of transforming something I don't like into something I do.

dance video????? you go-go-a-go-go-girl...shake that thang...whatever it be. YES here's to happy dancin on a Sunday, to journaling wildly, rambunctious pages and here's to chasing mentally ill relatives down the street, let the cat posse at 'em. One flick of the tail, a well placed snarl....they don't stand a chance, your brand new journal is lookin' real fine Mary Ann and I'd say you are off to a fantastic start on all counts. I personally think your pages rock, the colors, the doodles, the letters...everything, the perfect way to spend a Sunday I'd say, yes, I would indeed.

I am loving your new journal pages and your phrase, "the mentally ill relatives of my mind!!" Pay no attention to them -- those silly relatives don't know what they are talking about.

"the mentally ill relatives of my mind" - they are responsible for EVERY ONE of our uncomfortable, unhappy or angry feelings. And they are not real.
So!! La la la la la la, when you know this you have a happy mind.

I like that phrase "the mentally ill relatives of my mind"

remember it when things are tough. I try (not always succeeding, but it do indeed help)

I am not the one you asked to write back, but thought I'd mention I am one of the many very approving voices sitting on your other shoulder, watching and loving everything you do and say. We admire you on so many levels, and just for being YOU.

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