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Saturday, August 11, 2012


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Brilliant!......see why I'm always nattering on about moving in with my family in Denmark?
SO cool. Love the way you've curated her excellent pix.

scandinavian rules =)
just wanted to say hello as I continually with joy read your blog, but seldom leave comment.
Heli from Finland

Thanks for sharing these Mary Ann. I LOVE these glimpses into others lives and homes. I had to smile when I saw the tiny bears...that was one of the first things I began making when my kids were wee ones...that lead me to other arts and then it all came full circle when I began to work with paper again...my first love...journal making and keeping. Thanks again...for thinking of us...:)

I guess this means I need to deep clean the play room.

That's a charming place! Ours is a work in progress going from temporary stop-gap to accidental home. It's a love/hate thing... Mainly hate... But you have to work with your lemons. :/

Love the peeks into all the places that your curiosity pulls you...

Ms Miss you are brilliant! I love peeking into people's homes or knowing their stories. I am looking forward to more peeks!

After seeing this post, I was reminded of your Remains of the Day class when you asked everyone from outside the US to provide a picture of their home. When I made my Remains of the Day Journal, I printed out all those pictures (as well as the drink recipes and pictures of those drinks) and included them in my journal. I think it was my favorite part of the journal!

I have always loved the simplicity and design of Scandinavian homes. They seem to have an innate sense of what works both aesthetically and functionally.
I especially like the use of so much white...a color (non-color) I use in my own home. It's also a color I love to wear...now that my hair is gray/white I like wearing white even more.

Fabulous! I purchased a little bear from Tina back in the spring and I highly encourage all to get themselves a teensy bear. Seeing her workspace is such a wonderful treat - thank you!

I too was reminded about the homes posted during your ROD class. It is always fun to peek into homes!

Thanks for always thinking of us. I loved seeing their home and studio... so pretty!!

We had a Danish exchange student live with us for a year, many moons ago, and later went to visit him in Denmark a couple of times. Getting to visit his homes in Copenhagen, and the farms of his relatives a short distance away, completely changed the way I thought about oh so many things, one of which was how I decorate, and how much space we really need. My home is now half the size it used to be, but we live so much better!

OH Mary Ann! I missed this one. How did that happen! Very Very Delicious! xoDonna

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