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Tuesday, July 03, 2012


oh dear god, you have just made me kill myself laughing. i just nearly choked whilst chomping on my doritos. i love you girl, and the 'wig' that's not a wig picture. lol. i swear if you don't buy me some of that paper (ahem the three to the left starting with the red), i'm gonna have to disown you as my favoritest blogger ever.


The wig photo is great!

@Brian-that is exactly what I thought: hilarious comb over.


First, I have to say:

We're hair twins!!!

Second, Good gracious, that is one beautiful little island.

Third, looks like you're having a great time, and that warms the heart.

I am a longtime blog follower. I love your pictures, stories and the hairdo! I am really enjoying seeing your Norway pictures lately. Have you ever been to Alaska? The pics. I have seen of Norway remind me alot of Alaska. You should come visit sometime. Thanks for taking us along on your trip.:D

That "this is not a wig" picture is the essence of "sisters". There always has to be one of those :) Great pics lots of sketching there!

Is Donald Trump and his comb over on vacation with you two?

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