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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


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Oh Mary Ann, what a fab poem. Love the thoughts of the flight attendant, about all the serious/miserable people up there, except the glorious passenger in seat 38C.

Eggs in a carton! Marvelous.

I love that!

My first job was working in a nursing home. There was a resident who would always take off her socks, tie two ends together to form a sash, and tie that around her head like a bonnet. Now really, how can you not smile at someone who looks like that and is smiling at you?

I LOVE this SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!! Reminds me of this Storypeople poem by Brian Andreas 'feels like some kind of ride but it's turning out just to be life going absolutely perfectly' I'm not so sure about the 'perfectly' part but I am hanging on just the same and enjoying the view from here. I gotta print this and hang it on my fridge so I can smile everyday. Thanks for posting this delightful poem.

Dont we wish!!!

You bring us treasure. ((((hugggggg)))

Haven't read the poem yet. My eye was caught by the sunny, beautiful day in Geiranger. Sigh...

I loved this so much I read it twice! Then I had my daughter read it, and I read it again with her!

I like, I like.
I like Lori who wrote the poem , I like the old lady in it and I LIKE you for bringing it to me. .
Thank you Mary Ann

PS. I loved Norway.

That's just about as wonderful as it gets. I was in PriceSmart yesterday...the Colombian version of Costco...when I rounded a corner and an elegant, elderly woman looked at me and LIT UP. She spoke to me in rapid Spanish - which I'm sorry to say I didn't understand - and then sang me a song. The whole time, her nurse was trying to pull her away but we held fast to each other's hands and if she felt the joy that I did during our encounter...then I'm thrilled. Heck, I'm thrilled anyway. How often do you get to meet a kindred spirit who just exudes love?

A lady like that tucks me in every night.

And she greets every morning like the lady in the photo.


That's one wonderful poem! I love it.



Now this was a wonderful way to start my day! Thank you.

See now this is why I get my coffee, open my ipad and come on over to Dispatch from LA! brilliant, still laughing... (can't tell you the number of times I've watched your clip of Henri the cat surrounded by morons, sometimes a gal just needs a little smile..) Mx

I couldn't sleep, its 3am or so and I am chuckling, thanks Mary Ann, that is so great, just what I needed. Sleep well and have some fun today.

I'm lucky, I'm 48 and fell this way, oh I'm lucky oh so lucky.........,.

Ooooop and silly ' it meant to be feel not fell....lol it's the cold Aussie weather.....lol


Loved it. :)

You find the best stuff. Then you share it with all of us. Some day I will have something wonderful and I will share with you. Promise.

Thanks for the poem on my 65th birthday!

Fantastic! l Thanks for brightening my day!!!

How do you find these gems! I had to print out this poem. Lori J so aptly described so much. Thank you, dear heart, for finding this stuff and sharing it with us!

Wonderful!!!! Thank you for bring us great big smiles to brighten our faces and our days.

MaryAnn Moss, you are one of the most adorable human beings I've ever seen. I'm going to make a t-shirt that says, "I'm a Mossy! Are You?" and I'm going to wear it on my next adventure! ;)

LOVE the poem! When my dad and I flew to Kansas in May, he told me about my first airplane ride when I was not even two (so back with Amelia and the Lindberghs). He said when it got really turbulent, I sat happily on my mom's lap and yelled, "WHEE" as we bounced and rolled.

Love it! Just love it.

Hallelujah! Thanks for this

Wonderful poem - wish I felt like that during "weather" on a plane!

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