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Thursday, July 19, 2012


what a guy! We all need a great Ray, don't we?
I am so glad your trip pics are still trickling in - the scenery is so stunning, and I am really enjoying seeing your journal pages - they have a sense of now...

I am personally responsible for the death of 4 pumps. I gave the fountain away this spring. Guilty!

Ray is cute. Completely random and off-point comment: The picture of your journal reminded me that I have a question that has been rolling around in my head since you showed what journal supplies you were taking to Norway. Do you ever have problems with your supplies when it comes to TSA / airport security? It probably just depends. Thanks!

Needed a big dose of happy right now on this dreadful Friday, so thankful for this place it is my comfort zone.

I read the books about Bjorn Havbo as a kid. 30 years ago. And I still remember them... He was a Norsk sailor who had all kinds of adventures. I also read the books of Margit Soderholm, but she is swedish I believe. Big difference... Love to see parts of your travel journal. That photograph of Bergen has such amazing colours! Lovin it!

Your purple door is such fun along with the mosaics surrounding it. But it is just rude to have that door open without a peep into Moss Cottage! I love traveling with you and am glad you were able to get repairs from Ray. My water feature hold a LOT of water so I hope I don't have that worry.

I swear I was born in the wrong era. Your "crew" is just what I aspire to be. Oh, I fail miserably, but trying is half the fun, the other half is complete frustration at my failure, but I do try.

Now that journal is what I aspire to create. Oh, I fail miserably, but...
see where I'm going with this. You are one talented lady, if you weren't so you one (I) could be struck down with a bad case of jealously. Luckily you are so you, and you make me want to get better.

It is not lost on me the genuine smile and warmth coming from good ole Ray. You know that says a lot about you, and it is all very very good.

The covers on the books do not disappoint, even more delightful than their spines. Cannot wait to see what your crafty little hands make of them. I know, you approach these things slowly. That is why you are the master, and my stuff ends up looking like Iggy, my neighbors pig, created it with his back feet.

I went on the Trollfjord too, 12 days to Kirkeness & back! I love how the ships aren't for the average 'cruise-ship-lovers' - their whole trips are about the journey/scenery and the ports of call!

Fabulous book covers.

Yep, we've got a water feature, and yep, it's had its share of problems over the years (including a raccoon that ate almost all our goldfish, and freezing weather that made a lovely ice sculpture, but nearly drained the pond). Glad Ray came to the rescue. :)

The Henrik Cavling Osten book looks like a fancy dutch door. Maybe a dutch door journal? Just sayin'

Thanks for the book pics......very much! From sweltering razorback country, a llllllongtime enjoyer of everything "moss", Jenny

I saw a tumblr photo, I think it was, of old book spines used as bookmarkers. FYI, any moment now -- meaning within the next day or so -- I am enrolling in FTB!

well yo ho ho and a bottle of rum on ya...Ray is kinda cute in a rugged sort of way....uhm... I'm already hitched so I'm just sayin is all. Of course I adore the journal pages and the book covers and am just pleased as all get out that your got your fountain issues resolved. And is that a purple door???? Awesome...can I arrange for a proper tour of MOss Cottage along with the patio???? pretty please...I know I've seen pics of the back as it was overhauled but I am pretty sure stuff has been added and refined for hours upon hours of delightful daydreaming and relaxation.

oh - you got Mylius-Erichsen too - he´s from Denmark ;-)
He was the one who founded an expedition to Greenland to go explore the northern Greenland for map writing. He and his crew didn´t make it though. They got cord up in ice and snow up there and the only reason we know anything about this is, one of his crew members wrote a journal which was found years later when someone else did make it to the northern Greenland - so there you go ;-)

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