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Thursday, July 05, 2012


Ravenous now for some reason! Nothing like that in my fridge .... d e l i g h t f u l! xoDonna

Oddly enough, I'm going to miss Norway, too...your posts are so much like being there! thanks for the mini-vacation!

So wonderful to travel with you, Mary Ann! You're a stellar travel companion!

Ah, the trip coming to an end, what fun we had. This was such a joyous adventure. Thank you for allowing me to travel with you to Norway, the food, the walks, the water, each picture more vivid and inviting. Til var neste eventyr, takk.

It's been truly enjoyable to see your blog posts from my own country! Seeing and reading how you enjoyed it, even the goat cheese! :-) It's fun to see how tourists view it all.

Looking at the comments above, I feel like I should just write "Ditto."
Every day was more luscious than the one before... we loved following you and your sister around Norway in this segment of the Moss Sisters Travel Adventures.

I don't remember if you said, but how did you and your sister choose that little corner of the earth to visit this time?

Like everyone else, I've thoroughly enjoyed tagging along on this trip with you and Sister. Thank you both for sharing the beauty that you have experienced. Safe travels home. I look forward to seeing your travel journals.

Thanks for posting. wonderful to read your notes and see your great photos. Would you go back? How about 2 things which delighted you the most and 2 things you wished were different. It looks so charming but the weather is what concerns me. Did it hamper your enthusiasm. I don't think I saw a hint of that in your posts. thanks.

What? Leaving so soon? Waaaa. I have loved all your luscious photos. Thanks for taking us along.

Delicious in every way. So glad you had a great time.

Isn't it fun, photographing food while you're out? Your pics are so good. I've stopped worrying what people think! There was a time when I thought I'd sketch my dishes to be discreet. Ha! It never happened.

Sooo... party at Moss Cottage tomorrow? Welcome back lil lady!

Every single thing you post about ANY trip you take, Mary Ann, looks SO luscious! We all are going to buy our tickets tomorrow for beautiful Norway. And we're going to tell the friendly agent that we want you and Carol to be our trip guides. What would you think of that? You'ed get to go twice, and buy more colorful bowls and more gorgeous paper and....Thanks for sharing, Mary Ann. Leslie

I had such a lovely time. Thanks for inviting me to tag along. Here's to a safe trip home.

Loving all your pix. :)

What a beautiful country! My mother was born on an island south of where you were and you have really gotten my attention. I've always known it was a scenic country....I just had no idea how beautiful it really is! Thanks for sharing.

but, but, but... you just got there! you can't leave yet! :( (you need to read that in a really whiny tone of voice.)

I can't believe it's over with already, either- but I do so enjoy your posts, and Carol's as well. You make it seem like we're right there with you! (and if I was there, I would need an extra suitcase for all the pastries and the paper I'd be bringing back- lol!)

Thank you SO much, sweet friends, for sharing all your magic with us. I'm sad that it's over so soon, but that's always when its best to leave the party - while you're still having a good time. It has been just beautiful though!! Bon voyage as you wing your ways home, and I truly hope that you will return to Norway some day. I think you really liked it.

Leaving already? I've so enjoyed our visit to Norway! Thank you (and sister) for sharing with us.

It's been a Lovely Holiday! Thank you! xxxj

oo..So soon? So short and yet So Sweet? Thank you for sharing a bit of my great-grandmaother's country with us - I have not been (yet) but am oh so Tempted now!
While you were away, I kept the fires of creativity burning here at home by enrolling in your Full Tilt Boogie and hope you will share how your Orla Kiely travel Journal fared.
Can't wait for more Norway posts. As the Irish Say, "Safe Home" and "Mind How You Go".

Really enjoyed all the pictures and the way you describe everything. Took my mind off having no power for 5days while it was in the high 90's. Couldnt wait to get to wifi so I could enjoy our trip. Have a safe trip home.

Safe flight for you both...such tasty treats you've dined on, shared...I've never eaten so much food with my eyes alone...easy on the calories...tho I'd prefer the calories any day....it has been a pleasure to have walked easily at your side, peeking over your shoulder and enjoying every single view and moment along the journey...I know you will hold each moment fresh for a very long time...

I can't believe it is over with already. I so enjoyed your trip.... Thanks.

What an incredible journey & adventure I had in Norway with you. Thank you so much for all your photos, quips & journal along the way. I felt like I was in one of those "calgon take me away" moments of my life. I wish you knew how much light & laughter you've brought me on this trip. How I love reading your blog.

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