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Tuesday, July 03, 2012


Loved the Fjord hopping. :)

ah sister! first the scarf, now the glasses. what up?
oh mary anne, i too am a 'younger' sister and have had to deal with many abuses from my 'older' sister.
i get you girl.

now off to read sister's version of the story.

I freakin' love your new sunglasses on you! They are perfect. The glasses overboard situation was meant to be, I think! Sometimes sisters know best.

Hmph! It is very entertaining to read the two DIFFERENT perspectives of what happened to your old glasses. Very!

Sister and I love poring over your comments and doing funny skits and dramatic interpretations. Keep em coming. Love love love. Xoxoxo

Guess I better start hitting the books, so I can get into a good college, so I can get a good job, so I can feed a fat 401k something or other, so I can retire in Norway.

Maybe I can get one of those abandoned farms cheap.

It's fine, wouldn't have made it as a writer anyway.

The water and the mountains and the green and the snow.... It looks a lot like southern Alaska. Only there seem to be a lot more people/houses in Norway.

Thank you for sharing it with us.

So amazing. I like the new glasses.

Y'all are having FUN! I know neither of you, but so GLAD you get to explore as sister/friends. Girlfriends make everything better and when your GF is your sister! Wow. Blessed fo sho.

majesty. perfect word

Once again, the most wonderful views! We know, but we really don't know do we, about the beauty of the earth? We heard a different version of the loss of your glasses :) Oh that Carol!

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