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Saturday, July 28, 2012


I don't know what five words you would use to describe yourself, but genius should definitely be one. Personally I think humble should be another, because you are too much of a lady to ever call yourself a genius...
good thing you have me to do it for you.

There was a woman on Jeopardy (a re-run) who could have been Mama Moss's sister...looked just like her, just a bit younger...this woman had brown hair.

Love the pix at Sister's house. Hope you have a nice visit. Be sure to take pix of your food haunts, sights of city...Too bad you don't get the month of Oct. off...it's the perfect month for travel.

Keep cool...it's going to be 109F here tomorrow with high humidity...feel any better?

Say Hello to Mrs Mama Moss from all of us sitting on the veranda of Moss Cottage.

Awesome pages. Have fun in KS!

I'd just like to have a sketching talent. Not a lot ...just a smidgen. But I do what I can with what talents I have and am so glad you are part of my universe to share your unique take on the world. I may steal your I AM HERE label idea though...that I can do. ;-)

I love that blue door! Your pages always make me feel like I'm a part of the trip.

Kansas can't be any hotter than it is here in Texas. Plus today's humidity is about %175. Travel safely!

Love LOVE your pages Mary Ann. Always!!!!! You don't need a fan, you need an industrial strength cold air exhaust exchange, a wind tunnel from the Antarctic, a wind and cold so powerful that allows you to feel refreshed and to roam Kansas freely...however we know that ain't the way it is...so grab a towel and head back to the tub. MN is supposed to be cold tooo Ha they lie...I am hear ta tell ya it so AIN'T the case..hotter than hell on a bad day and so sticky that we post vinyl warnings...do not sit on any vinyl covered chair in shorts unless you wish to deposit layers of skin upon rising...oh gosh that hurts....YYYYYYOUCH!!!!!!! but seriously I hope you have adventures to share upon your return to blogland.

That could be a magpie. Crow family, B&W and blue. Very handsome - but not very nice manners.

You could get 2 of those collars you freeze and then wrap around bottles of Sancerre - ideal for the ankles, if you don't mind looking less than glamorous.

Happy days to all up there in Kansas.

That blue door is gorgeous! I always love getting a peak inside your journals.

Kansas in summer! I've spent my share of time there. My dad was from Kansas and we used to go back each summer to visit...either then or at Christmas. Either one can be bad. You can have hot or you can have cold. Enjoy your visit!

While you're away, can't you just send your journal to me so I can leaf through it in person? I mean I only live a couple thousand miles away, so what's the harm? You're not using it right now. I know I know, wishful thinking. ;-)

That photo of the blue door with the lace curtains as an entire page is awesome! And I love your sketches of the strawberries and the bird! We need an ice bath here in Oklahoma, too. Ugh.

Beautiful journal! I hope you enjoy family time and I hope you don't melt. Thanks for sharing your journal, all your journals. I find them so inspiring.

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