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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I love Norway! These pages are so groovy. I love the little islands of houses. And the Fjords. They have no idea how funny they are!

So gorgeous and so inspiring. I love your work Mary Ann. :)

Your Norway book is awesome. Love the pocket.
Can´t wait to see your next one - always so inspiring.
ps: will send you photos, just have to take some first :-)

jan ive never thought about it before...hmmmmm....i love them all for so many different reasons, but im gonna go out on a limb and say PARIS. that big SOB was hell to make, but the quirky pages are so appealing to me. uh oh. i can hear all the other travel journals grumbling!

Sometimes SIZE MATTERS....as in small size.
working in a small journal is SO gratifying. I always feel like I can take big bites out of the project and move at warp 9. YOUR small journal is just another example of your magical book talent. It just keeps on comin'.....I could flip through your books for days.....

Which of your travel journals is your favorite? I too love looking at them from time to time ... they are such a great way to armchair travel and dream!

Love, love LOVE this journal sooooooooooo Much! That aerial shot is amazingly beautiful; love all the colors in the other pages--especially love that foreign language newspaper ,in the pocket ,made with labels!
But that last drawing is just scrumptious!!! Really superlative!!

Ok, I'm off. Have used up all my exclamation points for today ;)

Peace, Love and laughter to you,

Maybe small in size but certainly not small in content. I love it, all of it. The way you used photo's, leaflets, print outs of your gorgeous tags... You do have a precious gift for making the most lovely travel albums... I never get bored looking at them and often go back into one of your previous travel journals when I am in a slump. Thanks for sharing them all and leave them up for us to come back to whenever we feel like...

I love it too! Beautiful, clever, inspiring work that is a pleasure to behold. Thanks for sharing your journey!

Really beautiful!

It's wonderful - I love the last picture!
In my experience, small journals have only ever SEEMED like a good idea, but I usually forget that when teh time comes to make them!

ooh love the look of this journal... awesome work!


I am so charmed by your journals... and nice to see the bright colors. As I love the shabby, muted tones, I do seem to gravitate towards color! Yours are wonderful!

love all of the pockets and hidey holes in this journal. Of course the pics are kind of wonderful to look at too.

lovin' it!! xo

What a beautiful labor of love and not to mention a great keepsake.

So beautiful! I want to go! Um, did you use those labels to tape together a pocket? Genius!

Okay, that made sense in my head. I guess I'll stick with my ole standby...

You're a genius!

I love how every single one of your travel journals compliments the other. You are so ridiculously clever, I cannot begin to imagine how you make each and every one so spectacular, yet they never take away from one another. Remarkable.

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