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Friday, July 20, 2012


I really admire your style! :)
Awesome pages

hugs Jaszmurka :*

Love this journal {and all your others} Mary Ann! I really like the format, and the pages are so intriguing!

I have heard Jenny Doh say art saves, and I had a pretty strong opinion on that (don't want to elaborate, because apparently I am a dunce). Today I am feeling blue, so I came here to peruse for a bit.

Never again will I doubt the power of art. Miss Moss, you are a genius. I'll be the yin to your yang.

Did you get to kiss a Norway Moose? Hope so!

Such a unique MAM style. Love the "font" you use in this one, your printed titles etc. really set the tone. Wonderful journal this time.

Mary Ann, you elevate old calendar pages to new levels. I definitely find doing watercolors from photos later on because for one thing, they don't move quickly ;-) and/or, sketch things in on site, but then take a photo so I'll know how to paint in the colors later. It's all good. Yep.

And you know how wordy I can be.


jane - the journal was made with fabriano paper and old calendar pages. only a couple were glued in - the ones i did in the forest and another in a coffee shop. the rest i did in the apartment OR im doing right here at home from photos (a few like that)

make sense?

Awesome pages Mary Ann. I'm gonna nominate 'em for an Emmy award cuz this is far better than anything on tv right now. I'm gonna curl yu and get comfy right here and wait for more to come, cuz i am sure you this is gonna be a long story to tell..I promise not to change the channel. ;)

Every time you show your journal pages I have this need to speak in terms of food and taste, like 'yummy' or 'delicious'. So...keep those wonderful flavors coming please! ;-)

Oh fabby fab - I've been looking forward to seeing the drawings in the journal! So did you draw them on watercolor paper and then glue them on top of the existing pages? or did you deliberately put watercolor pages into your journal right from the beginning when you were prepping it? Beautiful, particularly the orange theme running through it. It makes it look pulled together, but 'not matchy-poo' as Teesha Moore says.

Love love love your journals and all your adventures in life even if it is as close as Moss Cottage.

Love your Norway travel journal Mary Ann - you have the coolest way of making those pages.

Wow, holy (bleep) nuts indeed! Love your pages, did you meet a moose??

loooooooooove your artworks!!!

I'm caught up now. Fabulous reading - love the old lady/nurse story. Hope that's where I'm headed. Your books are exquisite. Your journals superb. xoDonna

Wonderful or Vunderbar...do they say that in Norway or only in Germany?

What do you make the tabes with numbers on them out of? Cardstock?


Fabulous journal!

love, love LOVE!!!!! beautiful!!!

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