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Wednesday, July 04, 2012


Oh Tom, I've been on the receiving end of that disdain before. I so want to snuggle him because--and I may be biased--ginger kitties are best. Continued happy travels, Mary Ann & Carol!

Love it! Love it! You photos are just juicy and delicious. And I love seeing more photos of you. That grin kills me. Just adorable.

They fed their felines pretty good over there. Speaking of food, after the meat and potatoes picture what is the following one? I see some red onion and red bell pepper, potatoes, and some kind of meat, but this inquiring mind would like to know what kind of sauce, and what is the fluffy white stuff?

Missy- I will say a little prayer for your mum.

Fat Boy kept knockin at the door, so I had to beam him up through my printer. Forever shall he keep the bike seat warm. Happy Fourth! Best 4th I ever had was in France on Bastille Day...July 14. What do they celebrate in Norway? Any costumes involved? Drooling for some pics of costumed Norwegians. Gotta be a festival around somewheres.

Lots of kitties! Food and moon = fabulous (the moon here in KC was just as fabulous-huge and full and golden!)

Greetings Moss Cottage, Wow Norway is one beautiful place those flowers ect and so clean:-) The food looks wonderful could do with a plate of that as I write:-) The kitties there are no words except animals from all over the world bring such joy:-)
Looks like you girls are having a blast there and can't wait to see your drawing journal pages I'm learning myself to sketch exciting isn't it:-)
Have a great day,

Looks so yummy! I think if I ever went anywhere with you and your sister I would gain at least 5 pounds! But oh what fun you are having!

How DO you manage to find at least one cat everywhere you go? I love catter puss, I'm pretty sure I would love those scrumptious looking potatoes, and I know for a FACT that we need more paper.

Yes, I'm aware that we've gone shopping for it more than once. But you know how it'll be once we're on the tarmac and I start imagining all the beautiful papers we may have left behind and then I get all maudlin and spend the whole ride back to the U.S. heaving great sighs of angst and regret. And nobody wants THAT. So, think about it, 'kay? (I know there's room in your luggage, 'cause I gave those reindeer boots to a homeless guy when you were looking the other way.)

I am having such a good time on our trip!

Can't you pack up Fat Boy Harley in your suitcase and bring him back? Lovely photos. Cats and Food, it doesn't get any better than that.

Oh, Tom, you're lucky there's an ocean between us because I just want to squish your fat furry body in an invasive embrace!

And, um, YUMM!!!

FANTASTIC! the views, the designs, the cats, the food...ahhhh keep it comin'

Here's hoping surly Norwegian cats don't bite you! Have you found your Thor yet?

"Did you hear about Mary Ann, she met her Thor and lives in Norway now."

So I'm a dachshunds person, and whenever I see them on my travels, I freak out, sprawl on the ground (they hang low), take improper amounts of photos, make squealing sounds in dolphin-like registers, and generally make a fool of myself. I am glad to see that you have maintained far more propriety. Fighter paws indeed! Wonderful :-))

Dear Mary Ann,
Been staying with my Mom. She has been in/out of hospital. I have escaped briefly everyday
to Norway....so serene and stunning. Thanks for the beautiful travelogue. It has been a gift
everyday.kindest regards,missy from the bayou

I am really enjoying your photos and commentary. Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us!

How adorable - feline company, even in Norway. I think my hubby would ban me from going - he would be worried I would want to bring them all back home :) Hope you are having an amazing time and it doesn't go by too quickly.

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