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Monday, July 02, 2012


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I was worried that you were having cold, as well as drizzly, weather. But I see Sister is wearing sandals. That's good.

Inhabitants must have been snatched by aliens...or are very, very shy of newcomers. ;-)

It is so dreamy here, I love the rain. Thanks for the pæresmack, it hit the spot! Get it? Everything tastes better when I can't understand the label. As for the mystery, the Johnny Cash music is the trigger to turn all Norweigens into partying zombies, and who then can't go out in sunlight, I mean, overcast, next day?

You left the sun in Bergen! Don't despair, it will come out again and it will dazzle you as it sparkles on the water. Aren't the flowers wonderful? I have a sketchbook with drawings I did of Norsk wildflowers. With the flowers and the boats, what eye candy!

You didn't tell me you were going to heaven....I'd have packed differently had I known...so that's what I am dubbing your Norwegian adventure...I've plopped myself right down in at least one of those comfy chairs and I intend to sit here for a very long time...the rain is pitter pattering me to doze and dream of high adventure on that luscious sea. You'll have to report in later on cold case no.1 sounds a little 'fishy' to me...

Does the antique store ship to California, because I think I spotted a few must haves?

But whyyyyy did she throw your glasses over the edge? Actually, I think she did you a favour, the new ones are totally cool and so you - funky, happy, make me smile glasses. Loving the dispatches from Norway, keep 'em coming!

the lack of inhibitants may just be that you visited on a sunday =) Evrything but tourist shops are closed on sundays, Norwegians are a securalized people, none believers, but keeping traditions very much alive. Therefore no commerse (trading and shopping and drinking =) ) on sundays. But you saw "the fjords" they do not close, not even on sundays =)

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