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Monday, July 02, 2012


the lack of inhibitants may just be that you visited on a sunday =) Evrything but tourist shops are closed on sundays, Norwegians are a securalized people, none believers, but keeping traditions very much alive. Therefore no commerse (trading and shopping and drinking =) ) on sundays. But you saw "the fjords" they do not close, not even on sundays =)

But whyyyyy did she throw your glasses over the edge? Actually, I think she did you a favour, the new ones are totally cool and so you - funky, happy, make me smile glasses. Loving the dispatches from Norway, keep 'em coming!

Does the antique store ship to California, because I think I spotted a few must haves?

You didn't tell me you were going to heaven....I'd have packed differently had I known...so that's what I am dubbing your Norwegian adventure...I've plopped myself right down in at least one of those comfy chairs and I intend to sit here for a very long time...the rain is pitter pattering me to doze and dream of high adventure on that luscious sea. You'll have to report in later on cold case no.1 sounds a little 'fishy' to me...

You left the sun in Bergen! Don't despair, it will come out again and it will dazzle you as it sparkles on the water. Aren't the flowers wonderful? I have a sketchbook with drawings I did of Norsk wildflowers. With the flowers and the boats, what eye candy!

It is so dreamy here, I love the rain. Thanks for the pæresmack, it hit the spot! Get it? Everything tastes better when I can't understand the label. As for the mystery, the Johnny Cash music is the trigger to turn all Norweigens into partying zombies, and who then can't go out in sunlight, I mean, overcast, next day?

Inhabitants must have been snatched by aliens...or are very, very shy of newcomers. ;-)

I was worried that you were having cold, as well as drizzly, weather. But I see Sister is wearing sandals. That's good.

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