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Sunday, July 22, 2012


Extreme gorgeousness here! So glad I found you!

Damn, woman! I love this deliciously orange travel journal. Love the incorporation of your sketches and vintage photographs. Your labels look awesome in it. Very inspring and I want more please.

Found it! Thank you. Afraid I have to reiterate what a dunce I am; took me a few minutes to find "Link Love." sigh.

domenico my love,

look in the sidebar where i have email, flickr, pinterest, etc.,

Ok, I know I've been MIA, but I read backwards quite a ways and can't figure out where you are going in December!

This new format is gorgeous and your illustrations too. So spontaneous - there's a lot to learn from you.

Excuse me, Miss Moss, where did your blog roll go?

The tape used is even more lovely on a page than it was on the roll, and that is saying quite a lot. Such a wonderful journal, the way every little detail compliments the next is sheer brilliance.

Shall we be packing warm weather clothing, or cold, in December?

my brain loves your blog so much that i dreamed the other night that i was in norway and i had such a great time! :) i will make it there for reals one day, but it is always so nice to have a glimpse into the future. ;)

Yippee- a December trip! Where are we going?

I am drooling over my recent consignment shop purchase of a green apple ceramic and tin tea pot with amber decoration on the handle. The green is equisite. I spied this beauty behind the counter and asked to look at it. I wondered if it was Mexican? Nope, probably from India the shopkeeper said. I laughed and told him if I find it cheaper at Pier One or World Market I want a discount. He assured me it was not mass produced, pointing out the hand soldered seams. I have not been brave enough to sneak it in the house. My husband has been lurking about all day. I'll just wait till he falls asleep and whisk it in. Or, I'll wrap it up for his birthday. Yeah, there we go!

Oh boy, a December trip as well!

What a joy and blessing to be able to open your page and smile! Just love it all! Thank YOU!

That was meant to say 'Good!' not Good1.
Tho you undoubtedly are that, too.

O Good1 We're going away again in December! Splendid News indeed!

Wow - am loving all your journal pages; your labels are fantastic too! Have a spectacular Sunday, Mary Ann!

good stuff! happy sunday mary ann!

I adore your pages! I especially love all the red! Thank you for sharing! :}

Holy monkeys - December!!! Oh, you're going to be a coy boots about this one too, aren't you? ;-) I think you're going to...Bavaria for the Christmas Markets...no, somewhere that matches that exquisite (wow that is a hard word to spell) teal colored background (paper? is that the right word in the digital world?) that you are tempting us with. You temptress, you! Oh my but I don't know what I'm more excited about - that teal paper or the trip. Morocco? Belgium - you've decided to investigate the hints I sent on Belgian beer...yes, that's it! or maybe...

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