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Saturday, July 28, 2012


So is it at all worrisome that I can picture myself on that chair perusing through her art journals, pulling up to the dinner table for one of Mr. Chris' fine meals, adopting Mama Moss and feeding her fine cakes while making her comfy under the Long Beach sun?

Beautiful happy family!! You Moss girls are just the creative happy gals.


I adore reading about happy families.

The colours in your photos of that beautiful studio are very subtle. Clever you!

OMG!!! So glad I didn't see this before your visit!!!! Carol's room is so serene - and pretty! Remember your Non-disclosure Contract.

Really creative space ♥

100 degrees? I think not! You are all so-o cool!!!

Beautiful art space! Love the journals! Looks like you're all having fun. Thanks for the peek!

Thanks! I love to see art spaces!

Great vignettes from a great space. Love those journals!

Looks like you don't want to mess with Mama Moss! I'll bet it's because Chris only cooked TWO steaks! I'm on Mama Moss's side! xoDonna

So nice to see Carol's art room! I also read her blog and she hasn't shared that. I love being able to read blog sites by two sisters. Great room! Hope you two are having a ball!

Mama Moss looks like she has just told you NOT to take a picture of her!

I loved seeing where you create and of course, the guy in the kitchen with his creations too ~

Somewhere over the rainbow....in a sunny place called Kansas....I enjoyed the trip through Carol's sweet nest. Lovely and welcoming. I must say Mama Moss is a joy. She is so gosh darn cute. I never tire of pics of her. Enjoy each moment and when you are ready it's just a matter of clicking those ruby slippers together and you'll be home sweet home.. Now if I can distract you just for a second or two so I can sneak away with that tall, frosty drink in front of Carol. I promise she won't miss it.

Love your journals and reading about your lovely travels and family... Welcome to Kansas! Try the Bluebird Cafe if you get a chance. Or the Westside Local. Or Tropicana Mexican Ice Cream--oh! (Mango, Pistachio, Coconut, on & on). Beautiful Norway journaling and drawing--thank you for sharing!

I enjoy very much reading about the antics of the little Moss girls!

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