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Saturday, July 14, 2012


Loved that show too-and for some reason, i have missing forks too-i blame my son.
that food looked quite yummy too!

Sooooo jonesin' to get to Cali and hang out with you! We'll sit in the garden making art stuff with our unputdownables!! (indubidubly!)

Your forks and my forks are spooning somewhere on the beach between here and there ;)
I've even accused my own mother for taking my silverware just to get even withme for my high school antics!

Love the photo and your treasurers from Norway

Neat-o forks and dish towels
Cool doorway
Yum on the breakfast (hubby loves grits and had them on our Wyoming vacation last week)

My sister once called me and asked if I stole her forks. I thought what a random thing to ask. She said, "Well I remember once you commented on how much you liked them." I laughed. And then she said, "I won't be mad, just tell me." I laughed harder. BTW, I did not steal her forks. I stole her spoons;-)

I judge you only with this:

That second fork from the right was destined to be mine but you can have it since you have been so good about sharing your trips, etc. I really enjoyed visiting Norway. Thanks for letting me tag along..just finished a nap with the kitty and Carol and now I must get to work at my house.

My spoons go missing but usually are found places like out in the garden.... hmmmm.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE diners. Eat in them when I find them!. And Mary Ann you must call me when you get that time machine figured out. At the moment I am reading the Lynn Kurland series of books about Time Travel. Love them.... especially when they go to Scotland in the medieval times and find hunky scotsmen in KILTS!

I would steal those too... SUch pretty forks! Wunderbar... Buying forks is better then knives: knives cut the luck!

At my house, it is the teaspoons that go missing...forks, I've got! It is 11:00PM as I read your blog, and I am already to climb into bed, then I see the picture of my guilty pleasure, chicken fried steak, and I am tempted to find an all-night diner! Damn. I already brushed my teeth, too!

It wasn't me. Forks go missing at my house, too. We always have plenty of knives and spoons, but have to keep buying forks. I love the ones you bought. It will be so neat to pull one out for a mundane meal and think about it coming all the way from Norway. I have a fork that somehow found its way into my grandma's suitcase from Holiday Inn. Every time I grab it I think of her vacations and her little "souvenirs."

I'm rather excited that the mighty grit, and the biscuits n' gravy, can be obtained so far west of the Pecos. Never underestimate the culinary powers of the grit - which is some sort of corn-based something, lye, and salt. I'm from the south though, so it's sort of in the genetics. Really living on the edge is adding cheese to them, and some shrimp goodness also. If you come visit me here in FL, we'll totally go have shrimp n grits.

Perhaps the next online class should be "Chimp Cooking and Gritty Dining with Mary Ann" - I'd totally sign up.

I would become ever the gentleman eating a meal with such fine cutlery. Why even franks and beans would rise to delicacy, thereby transforming dinner into an elegant affair, and justifying the power of these beauties. I would then fight to dry dishes with the loveliness you call a towel...
which I believe would further solidify my status as gentleman.

I'm remembering that fateful day in 1963 too!

Those forks are gorgeous.

Funny but new forks keep showing up at our house all the time. You better start frisking Paul.

ding ding ding ding!!!! you got it vanessa!
its the murder house from AMERICAN HORROR STORY
yes i agree....jessica lange is fabulous!

the rest of you fork thieves:
keep your mitts off my forks!

ha ha ha ha ha ha

I have t meh spoon thief at my house and I understand how annoying it is to have your until sells go missing. And , no, I did NOT take your forks.

Do you think they might be going into the black hole that sucks single socks out of tHe dryer into the ether???

'You're gonna die in there...' LOVED that show, especially Jessica Lange who was AMAZING! So cool to see it in 'real life'.

And Stephen King...always a good read, especially in the summer :)

I didn't steal the forks...pinkie swear! I wouldn't worry about your forks...but hide your tape.

I have some missing flatware, just up and disappeared. The other day I was at a friend's house for a painting session and lunch...well, I caught myself just as I was about to toss her fork into the trash with the take out container that I was throwing away. Egad! My own flatware is not made anymore so I can't replace the missing pieces.

Maybe your forks have time travelled to Forks, OR? This is the town that was turned into a cult destination because of the Vampire-Werewolf trilogy & movies with Bella and can't think of the male...played by Robt. Pattenson in the movies. Huge hits.

I have tried 3 times to get into 11/23/63...I can't finish this book. All friends in my online book clubs loved it. I must be weird.

Nope, I wouldn't take those beautiful forks, no matter how much I might covet them. Though like Dianne, I might not be able to stop myself from leaving with that dish towel but only after the dishes were washed. Halfway through 11/22/63 myself, then got immersed in the Game of Thrones series (Susie, check it out, definitely not to be put down!)

I do remember that the dish ran away with the spoon ... but can't recall ever hearing what the fork and knife were up to at that time ....

Beautiful forks. Amazing looking breakfast. And love the stories you tell!

Yes, dearie, I have one of your precious forks up here in Fortuna. You'll have to come on up to Humboldt County to reclaim it!

You're missing forks too? There must be a network of forks "gatherers." We're missing some here too. I thought I find some in my daughter's room as we've cleaned. No forks but we did find spoons. Spoons? We have plenty of them. Maybe our forks have shape shifted into spoons...

Welll.....it hasn't been me doing the pilfering.....so far......but now that I know you've got real purty forks it might be me in the future......:-)

Years ago I noticed my spoons disappearing. I accused everyone within reach. One day I was cleaning up after dinner and low and behold I caught myself throwing the spoons in the trash! What the heck. I bought some new spoons and now keep an eye out. ???

I have had the forks problem too! Maybe the socks are taking the forks with them when they disappear? It hasn't happened lately but I bet in the past they were in cahoots -- doncha just love that word!!

nope, not me taking those forks...tho mine seem to go missing too. and here I thought maybe you were 'drinking' breakfast from those exotic bottles of alcohol behind the counter! =) maybe that's why you can't find the forks... but if I'm ever in your neighborhood I might take that gorgeous dish towel! seriously, I always love to stop by and see what you're up to!

I didn't....but don't invite me over, I might just try to make off with that one on the left! The hubster just looked over my shoulder at the photo. He said "wow those are long tined forks, you could put somebody's eye out with those"

Ok, I fess up, I took the forks...just happened by while you were gone...I have an invisibility cloak that I use for such moments...it can even comer my strap on wings...I don't normally take things...but I was hungry...I really just took them so I can wash them up. I promise to return them to you...I'll sneak in during the wee hours and won't disturb your slumber I promise...really...

PS you've made the SK book sound pretty dang good so i may just have to break down and get it..I love unputdownable books and I am in need of one right now. DD's leave for dance camp tomorrow morning...I have one week of pure bliss to myself, DH has to work tho I am sure we will go out at least one night but otherwise hours upon hours of art and reading time...and NO distractions....a stay at home mini vacation....

1. I love all things Stephen King (except some of the Black Tower books) and I especially loved 11/22/1963. He makes everything
100% believable.

2. Breakfast is probably my favorite meal to eat out and I am jealous that you have Lewis and try out all of these great places.

3. I did not steal your forks but maybe you took ALL of my teaspoons which slowly disappeared last year.

4. I love this blog!

About the forks... the same thing is happening to me. So if you see some three pronged forks from England alert me immediately. I MISS MY THREE PRONGED FORKS!!!!!!!!

....and don't even get me started on the gorgeousness of that dish towel!

I promise, promise that I haven't swiped any of your forks – I haven't been near LA in more than ten years – but it would appear that those responsible for the thievery have excellent taste, if the items pictured here are at all representative of what's already gone missing. (Yes, I realize that these are recent acquisitions, but perhaps other such forky loveliness has come home with you from Italy, Lisbon, or Portugal?...)

No, I did not take your forks! but I am halfway through listening to 11/22/63 and I am honestly walking more distance daily (even in our 100's!) because I can't wait to see what will happen next!

Holy Mother. That plate of food !!!

Oh my gosh! Don't go in that house! They are EVIL! E.I.V.L.!!!!!!!

My spoons go missing... I don't understand it!!

Love your blog!

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