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Tuesday, July 03, 2012


love your trip..

Need . to. get. that. same. paper. NOW.. LOL
where can I order it? wanna sharrrrrrre?


Ooooooh...the door latch plate! Love it!

OH, I am having so much fun on this trip. The scenery. The food. The kitties. The PAPER! (Let's do get more!) Thank you for taking me on this unforgettable journey.

You have revealed one of the true secrets to vacations - that it really IS about rest and relaxation too. I wish more people would realize that. It's hard to turn down the temptations of going going going, but perhaps if everybody had a duvet that looks as nestlike as yours, they might be more tempted.

Oh my gosh, how beautiful. I live at the tip of Africa but I'm right there with you in Norway. Go and do more things, take more pictures, and send them back to us in the land of everyday
Big love, Alison

Hallo from So Cal. Like in mega marine layer. Not Plain'in, not attall. First, thanks for the Kitty Meister photo, I just knew Norway must have some cool cats. Second, digging the umbrella SISTER is holding, great handle, probably will inspire a cocktail or two. Third, MAM you are looking gorgeous as usual and having way too much fun. P.S. Flat Cadburry was left under one of those beer glasses several days ago. I think she escaped but she can't figure our which fjord you are going to polar bear. I will keep her updated.

Oh my... an afternoon nap on a leather sofa under an open window snuggled deep under a down blanket. what pleasure!

Good golly! That's some amazing detail. Gotta say I think I would have a hard time leaving that peacock pillow, comforter, and the king cat behind.

Uh... I'm trying very hard not tobe jealous... is envious alright?

You definitely need more paper! That's why you embarked upon this journey is it not? Most assuredly that is why you made the decision. Maybe? might be? xoDonna

Bless you Mary Ann, for taking part of your vacation time to feed us little gems from Norway. I can't thank you enough for your generosity and skill! I sit here in the OC watching you and Carol galavant! (I don't know when or if I have ever used that word before?) Please take good care. jacki

Loving on that paper...and all of the cool shots are keeping me comin' back for more...so just so you know...we are all melting on this side of the globe...right now it's near 100 and the dew point is 70 hot and sticky stuff so...all that cool blue water, rain, and seeing you both in jackets is my life line pretending it's cooler here...thank goodness for AC tho the power companies are running at max, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there are no outages at any time for the next week since that is how long the heat wave is expected to last. Stay cool and enjoy all that blue.

it's all in the details!
you continue to inspire me...

Seriously, Mary Ann, I live for your travel posts. I love it when you write as if I am right there with you. You are an amazing artist, but you may also have a calling as a travel writer.

Love everything. Amazing door handle. Is that glass window next to it. Oh you must do a rubbing of it. What a wonderful design. Fabulous paper to add to your growing Norwegian stash.

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